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5/8/2005 c1 unknown
very good vveerry good i liked the tekken and mcdonalds jokes
3/3/2005 c4 7Katsy17
lol.coolies. update soon
3/2/2005 c4 SanityEscapesMe
WOW! This story went from good to complete shit. I have no idea what the fuck happen in that chpater.
1/9/2005 c3 36Nianko
hum...I didn't get a thing...sounds interesting!make it less confusing,please?I like the friendship between Harry and Voldie!
12/7/2004 c3 7Katsy17

good. could you try and make your chapters a bit longer?

please update soon

12/7/2004 c3 SanityEscapesMe
Very good story so far. Can't wait until the next chapter.
12/7/2004 c2 10Nic'sim87
I like reviewing my own work. I must say its too short.
10/25/2004 c1 SanityEscapesMe
This could be a very good story, you just have to keep up with it. I hope you update soon.
10/23/2004 c1 kitkat
Hm...sounds very interesting. i like it! Keep writing cause i want to know what happens next :)

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