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for Lord of Caer Azkaban

6/12 c7 silverrose652
Thank you for serving
5/13 c14 lollychey2014
greek ferry men requires a coin to cross the river stix
5/12 c34 6Yaw6113
Thank you very much for writing it. Anymore stories like this story? I really appreciate it and enjoyed it a lot.
5/2 c34 Tom not riddle
It would seem i have came across this fic, 17 years to late. but ive loved reading every last sentence of it. very well done :)
4/28 c34 C. A. Elysandre
Hi Rorschach's Blot!

I'm pretty sure that this is about 10 years after your final update, but I don't care! As a Potterhead, I really enjoyed your "Odd Ideas" series and found Caer Azkaban under your profile.

Item the First: I also hate writing Ron - he always either comes out as sub-loyal, or suddenly finds himself with A LOT more power than JK bargained for. I love the idea of writing him off to chess school because it gives him a chance to shine.

Item the Second: I love your characterization of Snape! Personally, I like Snape as a character and try to portray him in a good light, and I know it's hard to get the balance of all the evil he's committed to the trio reckoned with a redemption, but you pulled it off perfectly. (No, it's not a cop-out to write out Snape and Ron.)

Item the Third: In your world, would Tonks and Remus ever get together? I could see it going either way...

Item the Fourth: I think that your work was really strong throughout the beginning, so much so that Harry, Hermione, and Becky could have remained platonic friends and the story still would've made sense.

I love the story, all the sarcasm and snide references hidden in it, and I laughed so hard at the bumbling idiot Dumbledore was and the cutting lines Harry dropped.

Thanks for an enjoyable read,
C. A. Elysandre - Ravenclaw
4/24 c3 Druto
Keep going
4/24 c2 Druto
Reading 2nd time
4/24 c1 Druto
Once more
4/22 c29 RequitedHail
4/22 c27 RequitedHail
you should make another story based off of the extra scenes in the bottom bits
4/21 c30 DaveC
I dont think you really wanted to write this chapter, is dat what you say, rather wait an extra week or two than read dat...?
4/20 c21 Guest
Your notes are getting longer than your chapters sometimes it means your running out of Ideas.
4/18 c11 DaveC
Thank you good way of dropping Ron

4/18 c10 DaveC
Good chapter nice to see Arthur with some power hope that continues. Please drop Ron, not fair I know but all you brilliant writer’s have turned him into a Pratt for want of a better word, it seems to be just wrong for him to be a friend of Harry’s, you have conditioned us to dislike him...lol. Hermione just seems to want to read in a library. But great story.
4/16 c34 8Itack23
Thanks for the fanfic! :D
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