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for When it Snows

1/2/2005 c1 8Rosegirl18
Who is Jade? Hiei is cute... (Sorry, drunk right now.) You had your sweet sixteen on christmas? good job!
12/1/2004 c2 30AbhorsenSabriel87
*eye twitch* Write more! I hate cliffies! Oh, and P.S., (totally irrelevant) Chapter 7 to Nikki's Story is up. but, that not being relevant, WRITE MORE!
11/2/2004 c2 4Superkoala89
I just have one question...why doesn't this story have a damn title? *cries* Well, I suppose it's not your fault, but I'm one of your little nice friends, so watch out, child. Oh, yeah, write more, or I'll assemble your fan club and we'll beat the story out of you.
10/26/2004 c1 6RandomMindGirl
^_^ i like it

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