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8/13/2009 c7 princess arianna 666
need to know what happens next

will she be pregnant

or not

please up date really good story
10/27/2006 c7 7Millenium Ring
God, i'm also a sucker for happy endings! I read too many depressing stories where the hero dies for he one he loves, once it was the heroine dying for the ones she loved. I enjoyed this story, but i would like to point out one thing: I don't think Richard knows what happens on rewind days. Jack always has to tell him. The guy gave his power to Jack, remember? Other than that, god i loved it! If you written a sequel, i'm there!
9/23/2006 c7 painted lights
YAY! happy ending. i know i'm always behind on the good stories. please make a sequel. if you do i can't wait.
3/10/2006 c7 emilie
I'm a fan of "Tru Calling", and I loved reading your fanfic even I am French (some english words I don't understand) your fanfic is so great!
4/8/2005 c1 odsbodikins
Oh! It's another fan fiction! I'm soo sorry!:) I thought "Davis' Reaction" was based on an episode!:) Ops. . .

This was cool:)
2/25/2005 c7 48FullMoonDreams
Great story.

I would have liked to have seen more of Davis's reaction to Tru and Jack getting together but other than that it was great.

A sequel would be wonderful. Somehow I don't think that Richard is going to like having Jack defect to the other side like that.

Incidentally Tru and Jack can rewind more than once. The Longest Day had more rewinds than I can remember. If you have not seen that episode I thoroughly recommend it.

Oh and with regard to the disclaimer - you are welcome to Jack if I can take Harrison off your hands ;-)
2/25/2005 c6 FullMoonDreams
Evil cliffhangers. :-)

Great chapter. Thought Harrison took the whole thing very well. Can't wait to see how Davis reacts.
2/25/2005 c5 FullMoonDreams
Another good chapter.

I had no problem with the altered conversation at all. I would reason that either way Jack said something different because of what Tru told him and as soon as he says something slightly different the conversation can take a different direction.
2/25/2005 c4 FullMoonDreams
Great chapter.

Richard is really showing his true colours now...no pun intended.

Way to go Tru for telling him what's what!
2/25/2005 c3 FullMoonDreams
Another solid chapter. Kind of glad I am playing catch up with it as it has a good cliffhanger too. Glad that I don't have to wait for an update.

Especially liked Jack's little lists. Though opposites do attract. ;-)
2/25/2005 c2 FullMoonDreams
Just catching up with the story. Love the intrigue in that Jack is torn between Richard and Tru. Great idea. On to the next chapter.
2/24/2005 c7 B Oots
I really enjoyed the story. I hope you do write a sequel to this story. I also look forward to reading, more of your stories in the future.
2/21/2005 c6 royleen
Please update soon, I hate waiting.
2/17/2005 c5 B Oots
I am really enjoying the story. Please update soon, so I can read, what the man in the black leather jacket does to Jack?
2/16/2005 c5 95cherrygurl1225
Another great installment! There was so much going on in this chapter and I think you handled all of the transitions nicely.

Jack asking for help... that's a novel concept! I like how you changed the conversation at the end; it really heightens the drama and suspense!

What's gonna happen next? Praying for another update soon...
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