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6/17/2005 c10 10mysteries green fairy
that was a wierd chapter but cool

6/16/2005 c7 mysteries green fairy


6/16/2005 c6 mysteries green fairy
oh oh

i think i knew how Nix is!

is it Hermione sisters daughter, cause u said that she had a child!

oh oh

am i right?
4/19/2005 c10 5Linwe Amandil
Hmm, I guess you have a point- Ron is more fun as Ron. Besides, where else would the blatant ignorance come from? It's very amusing... Well, as to the story, major WOOT! for updating! Definitely loved the Hermione/Nix interaction- I want more! But the flashback was really cool, too. Will there be more of them sometime in the future? Well, post more soon so I can find out!
4/12/2005 c10 4tigger2025643119
ow, ow, owie! i'll...erm...well, i dunno wat i'll do, jst update and u neva have 2 find out...luv tiggie~x~
4/11/2005 c10 HpC0ldplay
Aww! That was a really cool chapter. I really love Millie, Meryl, Nicholas, and Vash; they seem like fun individuals. I'm glad you decided to write this chapter' it gives us an insight on their past lives. I do hope you write another chapter about them.
4/11/2005 c10 11Shantazzar
Lol, I was worried for a second that I was reading one of your Trigun fanfics instead of your Harry Potter one... it wasnt untill the Hogsmeade thing that I was COMPLETELY sure. :P

Anywho, I liked this chapter, it was a lil heavy on the Trigun though :P (okay, no such thing as being to trigun`y I guess) anywho, twas quite apeasing.

4/3/2005 c9 4tigger2025643119
thats ok, i'm a very encoraging person!

neway, reviewing, aw! a little bit of family love there. sweet.

and i'd love 2 have a convo wiv the sorting hat!

update soon! ~x~ tiggie ~x~
4/2/2005 c9 11Shantazzar
Wo! An update! And I now know what Nix looks like... (Will you ever stop flaunting your latin? I hope not :P lol)

and, WOO, a slightly faster new chapter than before, I must admit, you were very diligent in giving up fanfics for lent.

ANYWHO, 1 \/\/1LL 533 Y0U 70/\/\0RR0\/\/ 0K4Y...
4/2/2005 c9 Esrb99
Good Chapter... I haven't been on for a while... beeng rounded and such.

you and your BF JUST kissed? woah. I've had the same GF for two years, and well, we kissed in about a month.
12/20/2004 c8 5Linwe Amandil
Aw, poor Hermione! Well, hopefully Ron will stop being Ron and start being a little more smart! Ha, that was funny... Ooh, can't wait for story time with Hermione and Nix!
12/7/2004 c7 Alison
I really like your story, I think it's great! Just one note, though. The correct translation for "We will be loved, we will be feared, but not often for the truth" is

Amabimur, terrebimur, sed non saepe veritatis.

Just thought you'd like to know (and I'm a Latin geek) :-)
12/6/2004 c8 2Becks Marie
::hugs:: well i guess i'll have to read ur songfic stories.. :) yeah don't worry we all have our blonde moments! Pretty good chapter..! :)
12/6/2004 c8 user978
Another GREAT Chapter, when is more gonna happen between Ron and Hermione! Update soon PLEASE!
12/6/2004 c8 4tigger2025643119
aw! go seamus! and i luv the run-in with lavender and parvati! u've got dem dwn 2 a tee! i got u on my author alerts, so i will always b quick 2 read and review ur fics. ttfn! *huggles*
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