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for Back when there was eight of us

11/11/2004 c4 105Thecricketsarecalling
Hey again,

I would like to thank you for the great reviews, It's making me wanna write more and i'll update tonight since I have a few ideas for some chapter...really glad you like it!

I wanna just say this was the perfect idea for a story, You wrote everyone perfect and I liked how you showed everyone in the church...very nice and you wrote everyone to well...prefect ending to.

I also like the idea of writting Monica as the non slut...sure I make her kind of sly and kind of a bitch...but that's what makes her Monica!

You wrote her perfect in this one and I love your next idea for a movie...hope it posts soon!

If you wanna see a really good story about Monica look a few pages back and I really can't remember the title but it only has two chapters...one called Family with the leads being Michael and Nicole and the next chapter which is my favorite is called sex lol...whoever wrote Monica was dead on and did it perfect just like you.

Keep up the good work!
11/9/2004 c3 Thecricketsarecalling
Hey again,

Thanks for the awsome review on my story, I'm really glad I have myself a fan. I really have no idea where it's going and I see it becoming a really long one (I have at least 3 different endings in mind) I would love to hear what you would like to see in the story...what you might wanna see happen or know more about.

Anyways, Awsome chapter! This is my favorite so far...loved how you showed what happened to the others before they came to Crossroads.

I thought the writting was really good and I like the idea about them crawling under the fence (lol I have an up coming chapter about them "getting into the mall and I bet ur gonna laugh." Anyways I love how you wrote Michael and I like how he tried to smile at Ana when she went under the fence.

Hope to see more!
11/5/2004 c1 Thecricketsarecalling
Shit im stupid, I gave a review on the 2ed chapter first! lol, well I just finiished this one and it's just as good...loved how you showed how those two met, wrote them just like they acted in the movie...lol also loved how she kept calling Steve an asshole! Lol post some more soon!
11/3/2004 c1 Thecricketsarecalling
Great job so far, like the idea of saying that's happened to them "before." they reached the mall, hope to see more from your story and I hope you get a chance to read mine and tell me what you think it's called "biggest fear." anyways awsome job on writting everyone

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