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for A Viper's Poison

11/23/2004 c5 Moonmoore
Yummy...Excellent chapter! I love the way you introduced them. Is so nice...ah. Please update as soon as you can. I understand your dilemma with school and finals. I am going to post my first fic about our fav couple but it will have to wait until am done with my finals. I don't have time to do it earlier. Anyway, good luck and write, write, write, and of course, update! :D
11/23/2004 c4 Moonmoore
M...I think I know who the Michael guy is. It the assessin that kill Serena's family? So, now to met Darien...aww! kool! He is so kawai! :P
11/23/2004 c3 Moonmoore
Question: is it Darien? I thought Seiya had black hair or did you changed the color? I like it, all the scenes are very descriptive. Awesome!
11/23/2004 c2 Moonmoore
interesting background. I hope that in some way by the end Serena heals. :P
11/23/2004 c1 Moonmoore
I like it. It was very electrifying.
11/15/2004 c4 2Joruri Mouri
Another fabulous chapter! And we finally get to meet Darien! ::cheers:: Please update soon!
11/13/2004 c4 ngan
update sOon! :]
11/12/2004 c4 5Oni Isis
I really like how this fics going...its very interesting...please update again.

11/11/2004 c3 Sailor Libra
seiya doesn't have silver hair!SL
11/11/2004 c3 2Septori
I liked this story! Please continue possibly this weekend?
11/9/2004 c2 2ladytokyo
umm dangers. I like updata
11/8/2004 c3 Archangel Rhapsody
cool, good chapter.

One little thing "with Diamond about me new assignment!" She yelled"

"Me new assignment"? It's no big deal, it made me chuckle, my friend has done the same thing many times. I'm working on a story and I messed up big time with she and he, it was such an ovious mistake I totally missed. It happens.

Keep it up
11/7/2004 c2 1Kris-chan
oh! interesting!
11/6/2004 c2 Naru Kami
Yay, an update. Can't wait for the next chap.
11/5/2004 c2 frosty
interesting story, i can't wait to read more. update soon.
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