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for A Viper's Poison

5/24/2008 c15 Unknown-Eth
Fantastic... really truly beautiful.a masterpiece

9/20/2007 c15 8mafuyu hotaru
i have to say great story. im really impressed w/ the way you had created the characters and made the story work. it all made sense. i will say this, whenever you had mina and serena injured in the car accident, it seemed that by friday for dinner they were completely healed. didnt mina suffer a broken arm? so i think the small details could be worked on, with injuries and whatnot. try not to forget that the story is moving, but you have to consider the passage of time and that arms dont heal in a week.

hmm... i love the ending. i couldnt believe that you might have killed darien so im glad that you brought him back. hehe.

anyway, i plan to look at your other stuff. until next time,

9/20/2007 c12 mafuyu hotaru
hey there, ive been reading and will give my full review at the end but i just thought id point something out: u got military time wrong 1800 hours is 6pm not 8pm. anyway, ill be back at the end. xD
10/6/2006 c15 3Sunny38
it's a really good story! well done! i really love the twists that you added in. amazing! :) hope there's a sequel. i'll read it!
5/29/2006 c15 LynGreenTea
that was good
1/24/2006 c15 1Uhamilton
I loved the story...the dark 5 were excellent!
1/24/2006 c2 Uhamilton
love the dsark serena...awesome
11/15/2005 c14 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
11/15/2005 c15 Megan Consoer
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?
9/10/2005 c15 PhoenixRaine96
What a kick ass ride! A cross between Charlie's Angels and La Femme Nakita. You are truly talentanted. Can't wait to read the next installment.
8/1/2005 c1 2Katy-Chan
7/26/2005 c1 bunny
theres a glaring mistake that bothers me in the first chapter. martinis or either vodka or gin. so if she ordered a martini she would either specify or the bartender would ask if she would like gin or vodka.
7/2/2005 c15 4sivsc
The middle part was truely disgusting, but I'll get over it! Wonderful story, keep on writing!
7/2/2005 c14 sivsc
Wonderful! A beatuiful and spectacular ending! Can't wait to read the epilogue!
7/1/2005 c13 sivsc
Wow Serena was in love with Darien and not Seiya! I admit it I was wrong! Diamond on the other hand, the traitor! Nothing but flith, I would torture him and ship him off to the super black hole in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy!
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