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1/4/2012 c25 5delicateruins
I loved the chapter - but I especially loved the scene with Sirius and Regulus at the end. It was very sweet, and not overly sappy. And just well written in general :)
1/2/2012 c24 delicateruins
oooooohhhhh! Paige got Tom Riddle's Diary! Evil, but exciting! And I love what you are doing with the seer. This was definitely a happy, happy update (I was super excited to see an update period!).
1/2/2012 c23 askjhdashd
Your wish is granted, I'm new to this story, but when I saw a Charmed/Harry Potter crossover that was currently being updated, I couldn't resist! Especially with all four sisters and the Marauders, that's my favorite kind! I love the couples and can't wait for a sequel (which I hope takes place a couple years in the future so Paige can be old enough for a relationship with Remus and Piper with Leo). I even feel bad for Kira/Ray. I always liked Kira on the show, and I tend to feel bad for infiltrators who end up loving their fake lives (I'm a fan of Ivy/Charlie on Gossip Girl, which has a similar plotline). Anyway, can't wait for more!
12/30/2011 c23 delicateruins
I had this on alert and was confused when it popped up! But I skimmed through to refresh - and I'm hoping that you start up again, because it really is a brilliant story!
3/24/2008 c22 13charmingbrenda
i want more...
2/16/2008 c22 7Greathe
Wow, it's almost over. I'm glad Anton is out of the picture. I hated him when the sisters vanquished him on the show, and I hate him even more in this fic.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/16/2008 c22 7charmedchick34
aww, they're in love! you can't put piper with dan! :P! update soon!
2/6/2008 c21 7Greathe
Yay! I like this story. It's very well written. Please get the next chappie up asap!
2/6/2008 c21 7charmedchick34
ooh i liked how you changed their past to fit in with hogwarts! awkward with the Paige and Remus.! update soon!
2/5/2008 c21 13charmingbrenda
that was a great story... though i dont like phoebe's attitude...i know that she was only putting a good front to hide the her real emotions...but it annoys me...LOL...meaning your effective writter...

i wanted sirius and prue together but reg and prue is also ok...i like it when prue thinks that she's been manipulated...LOL.. i love prue!

im glad that prue and phoebe were in quiditch...

and piper and paige story lines were also ok...

please make the sisters get along soon...i mean really get along...i wanna read more sister moments..and i also want them to have special someones...

thanks for the story...please update soon..
1/22/2008 c20 7charmedchick34
aww poor phoebe being stuck with snape! and i can't wait for the next chapter! :P!
1/21/2008 c2 XxBrucas4everxX
this is really good
1/20/2008 c19 9Poseidon's Chickadee
*giggles* I love Grams on a roll!

Good influence to Snape indeed. That is if they don't kill each other *bg*

I like how each girl is discovering a past ancestor that seems to be connected to each individual girl in some way. Past lives? Is Riley, Remus? I'm sorry. I have to ask. I can't help it.

I find it interesting that Paige was the one lured to the Willow, not Snape. Not in relation to any Paige/Remus but just in general. Why is that? And who possessed Prue. What more, where is Phoebe?

Great chapter!

Enjoyed it lots.
1/20/2008 c18 Poseidon's Chickadee
Gah! I've so missed this story!

And okay, fine. Fine. I accept that Piper and Paige get no action. As long as Rhi ends up with Siri and Phoebe with Severus. *pouts and puppy dog eyes*

This was a nice chapter!

Glad to see everyone so mellow, despite the so-called Dark Lord hanging about
1/18/2008 c19 7charmedchick34
oohh what's going on? :P! i loved it, update soon!
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