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12/9/2007 c18 7charmedchick34
oh it's got me in the christmassy mood now! and i can't wait for the update after the holidays !
8/19/2007 c17 Hussam
i loved ur story it was really good i don't think it had spelling errors oh well i must have forgot anyways r u going to work on writing more or is this the end bye and agian great story
8/8/2007 c17 10Liz Black

I just found your story today and I couldn't stop reading 'til I finished it! It's really great! I love it and would like to hear more of it (soon)! XD

Have a nice week, Liz!

PS: Paige is just so cute. Well, she also was kinda my fav in the charmed seasons ... anyway. Really cool plot, really cool charas ... just: GREAT!
8/7/2007 c17 9Poseidon's Chickadee
Charms and here I thought Potions would be Piper's thing :-D

Usually is.

Yay! Piper and Paige action.

You delivered so well. Though I must say I am agitated with Leo for not noticing her in her "ugly duckling" stage. I so forgot she had braces until Lily did her bit. And if Lily does that truth spell lmao

That would be a laugh-o-riot! :-D Poor James. Though that MIGHT cause issues I think. But oh well. Can't wait to see what happens next either way.

And I don't agree as action as being teased unless its being teased by a boy (or girl) one likes. Get the hint? lol

Why not Sirius, who was more attractive than Remus?

Nice Paige. It SOO obvious she likes the guy when she says things like that *rolls eyes* That wasn't the hint I mean :-)

Either way. I was right. Isn't Paige so much fun?

She's so quirky and I love that bit of backbone you gave her.

And the bit of heart you gave Phoebe too. She's becoming the Phoebe we know and love :-D But who will she end up with?
8/7/2007 c17 7charmedchick34
well, i'll take some piper! plus how old is leo, piper should like someone her own age! and paige's bit was good i think she lurves remus! please update son!
8/2/2007 c16 charmedchick34
oh so she likes regulus! i was wondering if you could write about piper! great chapter please update son!
8/1/2007 c16 9Poseidon's Chickadee
Portia Bowen…Evaristus Black…

I hope that's not a previous incarnation of Prue and Reg :-D

Phoebe needs to get over herself. And sweet Remus needs to get some action too. When is Paige going to get some of the spotlight? She is barely mentioned, Piper isn't mentioned much either but more than Paige. Heck LEO is mentioned more than Paige.

And yay to the Piper/James! Especially if you depict James the way you do in this story. I love your characterization of them. It's true to form, makes sense with the way the story is going. And you make them yours, seem new and original. It works!

Keep up the great work! This was an EXCELLENT chapter.
7/25/2007 c15 Poseidon's Chickadee
Okay, okay. You've made your point. Lily/James rocks.

Still think you should do a Piper/James fic. It could be completely AU!

Oh my goodness, the seer feels GUILTY?

Oh that's a riot! So good :-D

Phoebe-Luke-James-Sirius…no, not him… how can…it’s wrong…Phoebe-Luke-James-Sirius…demon, I’m a demon…have to remember…can’t betray…Phoebe-Luke-James-Sirius…

Aw, poor Seer. Poor Ray! That soo stinks.

And screw Voldie, he can fall off a cliff for all I care.

I so enjoyed this chapter. And I feel so bad for Ray. I wish someone could notice and get her to trust them before she does something stupid and looses all THEIR trust.
7/25/2007 c15 7charmedchick34
oh,i think i'd be scared if someone in my school was called that! good chapter, poor rhiannon! please update son!
7/17/2007 c14 charmedchick34
i'm glad that was about piper, she's my fav! i wonder why anton is there! please update son!
7/17/2007 c14 9Poseidon's Chickadee
If you kill serious before supposedly-evil-seer girl takes a true turn of heart I'ma be super PISSED. And never review anything you write *grins*

Yay, Piper is coming to her own!

HA! James, HA! How dare he doubt my Piper

It's a damn shame about Leo having to be with Piper and James with Lily cause lemmie tell you I think that James and Piper would make a SMASHING couple.

Speaking of couples

Rhiannon with Sirius

James and Lily

Pipes and Leo

Pru and Regulus

so what of Phoebe and Paige.

Phoebe is with Snape isn't she?

Or will be?

Leaving Paige and Remus.

Speaking of characters that underappreciated, our spunky Paige.

When she finally gets into her own poor Moony won't know what hit him. I can't wait! *bg*
7/17/2007 c13 Poseidon's Chickadee
Aww SHIT Sirius. Of all the foolhardy ... *Sighs*

If she had been a Slytherin he'd have been MUCH more careful of how he ended up in depth to her. Over a kiss man!

Shoot. He let himself get disracted!

Speaking of people who let themselves get distracted.

Oh Prue. But on plus side I think Regulus is the dude in the sixth book that left the clues about Voldemort. And besides he's a Black (in case Sirius and Andromeda). Black's are ALWAYS something more *bg*

So maybe she can swing him to the side of the grey if not the side of the light. Same with Sirius and Rhiannon.

In her debt. The IDIOT!
7/10/2007 c13 1mallratrebel
love the chapter.i hate how they used prue.thanks for giving me a thank-you on your story
7/9/2007 c1 A fan

It's me again! You know the big fan of Usual Chos?

I thought I'd check this one out.

So far I am interested.

Poor Paige though (shes my fav, so I'm a little biased)

Keep writing on this one, I may just learn to like it more.
7/4/2007 c12 Alissia
Hey I LOVE your story! Please please continue it soon!

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