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8/3/2015 c1 Guest
Shuichi is annoying. Idk who in their right mind would adopt that fucker.
4/16/2008 c3 1Olive Rest
AW! That's the sweetest-!
11/20/2007 c17 walesia
This was the best chapter, i loved chapter 16 and 17..great job..please write more
7/14/2007 c17 337kirayasha aka kira
Loved this one too & I hope to see more from you!
7/14/2007 c15 kirayasha aka kira
*laughs* I nearly choked on my tea reading this one... ^^;

Ah... the things we do for love, eh? *winks*
7/14/2007 c14 kirayasha aka kira
*laughs* This was too funny! Poor Shu-chan! XD

And I see it was QuickEdit who ate your formatting... A thousand apologies! *rolls up a newspaper & whacks QuickEdit on the nose* Bad boy!
7/14/2007 c13 kirayasha aka kira
Ouch! XD

Don't know what happened with this one, but your spacing is off. *shrugs* Perhaps the venom in this one is the cause, no?
7/14/2007 c11 kirayasha aka kira
*laughs* Go, Yuki!
7/14/2007 c10 kirayasha aka kira
Perfect touch to lighten the mood after the last one. *sighs* Which was so sad... I'm really enjoying these!
7/14/2007 c2 kirayasha aka kira
*giggles* That was so cute!
5/4/2007 c17 Petitejam
Lol! This one's hilarious! Loved the subtlety Shu, even if he doesn't really have a single subtlety bone in his body. Police woman joining the chase just bonus
5/4/2007 c11 Petitejam
Hahahahahahahahahhaha hilarious. Horrible netspeak and all. If only. If Only
5/4/2007 c10 Petitejam
So cute! That would make pretty fanart, Shu covered in glass and blood but the Jar thing is such a thing he'd do ^^;; Angsty fun fluff!
5/4/2007 c9 Petitejam
Oh darker compared to the other ones. I can totally see Shu with an eating disorder. As with Ryuichi. Pinnacle of fame and perfection with ousted lovers... It just goes ya know? Loving the drabble files
9/11/2006 c17 38Xedra
This one inspires maniacal laughter - Bwah ah ah ah ah!

LMAO! Go Shuichi! And Go YOU, for writing this brilliant bit. :D
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