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12/1/2020 c17 1WiserWeasley
I am only halfway through but this story is one of the most beautiful I've had the opportunity to read on this site. The characterisation of the Marauders and Lily's is so different to any other story I've read but somehow halfway through I can't imagine them any other way. The writing is beautiful and lyrical and painfully real. Beautifully emotive. Highly recommend this beautiful story.
9/15/2020 c6 Guest
2/18/2015 c40 Reader
By the way, I have a suggestion for a book you may like. It's called The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards
2/18/2015 c40 Reader
...Bloody awesome story. Beautiful descriptions, wonderful writing style, everything. This is one of the only fanfics where I can actually visualize what's going on, and to me, that's completely amazing. You're wonderfully talented in writing! :)
9/23/2014 c40 Bellanu421
Lord. Merlin.
It is a beautiful, beautiful story that I am absolutely in love with it.
You have amazing writing skills. Atlast for this story... I would have to read others to see...
But this one is just short of perfect. :-)
9/21/2014 c13 Bellanu421
I am so glad it is 40 chapters...
9/21/2014 c11 Bellanu421
I generally dont read stories that even hint at any kind of romancebetween Lily and Sirius. You, my dear, are an exception!
I just love the story.
9/21/2014 c9 Bellanu421
Lord. I am in awe of your writing!
12/23/2013 c40 thedesperateones
I reallu enjoyed this story. At first I had a problem with the characterization of the buch, but I got over it! The writing is beautiful.
12/12/2013 c1 JilyLove
No offense mate! But James, quiet? James is anything but quiet and come on I like a different angle but JKR clearly states that James had Loved Lily practically forever and now you show that he calls her a judgemental bitch?!
9/20/2013 c6 Guest
9/20/2013 c4 Guest
I remember reading this fic..ages ago. YEARS ago! It always had an impact on me...I love this.
8/24/2013 c11 2We'reAllMad
Loving this so far! It's...special. Very different from any other story I've read. The feeling I get from reading this is eerie, and it's amazing. They're (your characters, that is) are mature beyond their age.
7/26/2013 c40 Guest
This story had such a Holden Caulfield-ish vibe to it, i can't even tell you.
7/18/2013 c40 chubbypotato
Thank you for finishing this lovely story! Best of luck in the future.
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