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for Cabin Mirage

5/11/2016 c5 2Elise Deschat
Good story, would have provided a little difference in the ending...would have had John standing in front of her grave at the cemetery, near her Mother...the ending she was wanting.

5/11/2016 c4 Elise Deschat
I thought a lupin was a type of rabbit
8/3/2012 c5 Netchka
Cool story.
2/3/2005 c5 Jenny
Awesome last chapter:-)) I look forward to your next story! Post it soon!
2/1/2005 c5 4Sharon R
There's nothing like a good adventure! Congratulations on completing your story!
1/16/2005 c4 Jenny
Once again a fantastic chapter! It was definitely worth waiting for! Can't wait the last chapter. Please post it soon:))
1/7/2005 c3 Jessica
just have questions for you.

- what happened to Jesse? i mean is he still alive or what?

- did Steve and Carter saved Jesse?

- did they (Steve and Carter) get help?
12/20/2004 c3 Jenny
Wow, what a long chapter and soo exciting. I can't believe there will only be one more chapter... Will there be a sequel? Update soon!
12/5/2004 c2 Sharon R
Some problems with grammar. If I remember, English is not your first language, correct? If so - congrats. Nice story set up. I just love cliffhangers. You may want to find an English speaking beta reader. Other than that, a very nice adventure building here. Looking forward to the next chapter. Don't rush, take your time. Read it out loud if you are wondering about the English.
12/3/2004 c2 Jane
Yes, I did like it but did you have to stop here? I'll wait for the next chapter. Good writing.
12/3/2004 c2 reviewer
i'm really looking forward to your next update
12/2/2004 c2 Jenny
This is so exciting! And such a long chapter, great! Update soon!
11/11/2004 c1 Jane
I have never watched Diagnosis Murder but I really like what you are doing.
11/10/2004 c1 Jenny
This is getting really exciting! Please continue!

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