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for Azumanga Daioh in Space: Special Edition

12/16/2004 c8 23Aeriel of Isternes
*snickers* His wife slipped away! Lol!

Hm...Osaka is the trainee, right?

12/13/2004 c7 Aeriel of Isternes

It's Chiyo-chan's dad...before he became a giant mutated cat thingy!

Funny...must send excerpts to Flying-Cesia!
12/13/2004 c7 16MJP
Feh to the astronomy. I'm not Steven Hawking and people don't read Azumanga Daioh for a discussion of orbital mechanics. This is sci-fi. You gotta have the -fi. ^_^

This is still quality. I like how you keep attending and updating. I know it's tough to keep up a schedule like that, but you make it work. Little things like Sakaki's seat-ratcheting are great touches that exhibit your flair and skill. Keep it up!
12/9/2004 c6 9Hofftailing
I like in this chapter, you show us Kagura's more competitive side and how that's part of her and Sakaki's history at the academy. I loved that paragraph where Chiyo's hair kept making noises- keeps in with the Azumanga humor.
12/9/2004 c6 PockyGirl of the Phoenix Souls
Wow, very very good.
12/8/2004 c6 6Section-Eight
Congratulations. You've done it.

You've remembered the One True Call of All Train-Wrecks, "Drop the script, Luke (but keep the setting."

I mean, yeah, decapitation would be one of those things you'd think'd happen a lot with lightsabre training. I wonder what other odd things in Star Wars the Azu-cast could observe? Maybe slower-than-light lasers?
12/8/2004 c6 16MJP
Heh. Nice tie-in. Still getting better!
12/8/2004 c5 MJP

I give you props for using the word "galumph."

This story gets better and better. Kagura's a good role as she's playing things.

If you want to see a really funny ripoff on Star Wars, check out School Rumble episode 8. Animesuki just started sharing the torrent. It's farking hilarious.
12/8/2004 c3 MJP
Just an old junkie speaking, but the Imperial Academy is on Carida, not Coruscant, and it was 0wnzed by Kyp Durron.

There were some really funny lines in this! It's turning from less of a Star Wars retelling and more into a real Azumanga-ing of the first film. I'm enjoying the chapter and can't wait for the next one. ^_^
12/7/2004 c5 loco moco
There is something about your fic that makes it utterly enjoyable. I can't put my finger on it though. Well keep up the good work!
12/6/2004 c5 23Aeriel of Isternes
Sorry I missed the last chapter, my computer was actin' up. Oh, this is so great! I was half expecting Osaka to be Obi Wan though O_O...dunno why. When is Osaka gonna show up?
12/2/2004 c3 Aeriel of Isternes
An update! Yay! I really like this, it's so weird.
12/1/2004 c3 6Section-Eight
Strongest moment: "The girl was disarmingly cute; Kagura didn’t generally like cute things specifically because they disarmed her."

Deadpan delivery, ludicrous joke in deadly serious situation. I think the story can go places if if you throw in more of these "clunk" moments (as in, the great lightsabre battle commences, and they both trip or something).

...How the fudge will Chiyo reach the pedals on that speedermabob?
11/24/2004 c2 23Aeriel of Isternes
Lol! Darth Nochichi, just too perfect! Bwahahahaha!

I usually don't read Azumanga Daioh fanfiction, since it's mostly either completly pointless, or terrifying shoujo-ai *shudders*. However, I couldn't resist your fic! It's fantastic!
11/18/2004 c2 16MJP
Darth Chiyo-dad made this wonderful.

Many props for not making everything exactly the same as in the movies. This is getting better.
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