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for Azumanga Daioh in Space: Special Edition

11/17/2004 c2 4Pete Zaitcev
I think that a retelling in general is not a fault by itself, it is simply an tool which is easy to use wrong. One of my favourites is "Avatar 1/2", which is a 90% retelling, and an SI to boot (there's a link on my FF Favorite Story List). But even good writers do not always get it right. For instance, either first or second Jo-Ryan's fic started with a excessively dull retelling ("Sakaki's Pet", posted in FF Azu section). So generally, it's something to be avoided. But if Zoltan likes living dangerously, why not.

Also, the AU is forked already. Kagura is as far from R2D2 as one can imagine. The love story in the original is started way later. Other small differences are present. This may yet explode into a disjoint branch once the recognition base is established and casting is complete.
11/15/2004 c1 16MJP
Y'know, I once corresponded briefly with an Azumanga fanfic author about the idea of a third wave in Azumanga fics... the crossovers and alternations among them. I suppose this falls in with that.

I don't yet see much outstanding... I don't know if "Azumanga Daioh IN SPACE!" is meant to be satirical, but it seems to be. I think I can see this as a lighter type of exploration, but little else substantative.

Please, please, PLEASE don't turn this into a retelling of Star Wars. There are too many of those as is.

After "The More Things Change," I have high expectations of you, and I was hoping for something as thematically unique, realistic, and believable as that story. If the same can be done here, I say go for it. If this is just another crossover/insertion, though, I can't say I'd be enthusiastically following it.

If it is well-crafted, it will be good. If it's an obvious rip-off... it'll just be another Star Wars insertion. :-/
11/15/2004 c1 Rumia
I like...

I like it quite alot...

It's a fresh idea, and the writing is solid. Keep it up.
11/13/2004 c1 LackOfPargon
This story has a lot of potential!

In particular The Father... I know he's coming... You know he's coming... But he's STILL going to be awesome!

Please continue, I can't wait to see what parts the other AD characters play.
11/12/2004 c1 6Section-Eight
It's stupid.

And I hate Star Wars.

On the other hand, this is odd. I mean, really. I mean, who the fudge'll play R2D2?
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