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for Azumanga Daioh in Space: Special Edition

3/28/2007 c40 Chris
THANK you for writing a special edition. I'm forever indebted to you. ^^
12/12/2006 c40 56Nanenna
I thought you weren't going to write anymore, you sneak! But I think... this epilogue really rounded it out. Finished tying up the loose ends but still leaves hope for those of us that love teh characters.
11/28/2006 c1 Satoshi109
This is by far one of my favorite FanFiction stories to date. You did an amazing job with capturing the essence of the chars while at the same time throwing them into the Star Wars world. Eaisly one of, if not the best Azumanga story on

I hope to see some more from you in the future ^_^
10/13/2006 c28 4Pete Zaitcev
I definitely like the normal paragraphs better. I believe I even told you that, but unfortunately no messages were saved before chapter 7.

I think I still see imperfections out of habit, for example: "A light gray cloak fluttered around its slender form over tan boots planted together on the roof’s crumbled edge" - wouldn't an "and" be in order before "over"? Or at least a comma? And the Light Grey Cloak was mentioned before, so perhaps simply "the cloak" would be more correct. In reality though, it's still a great text.

I'm happy that the Special Edition did not end with a bloated rewrite, like other authors are prone to do.
9/28/2006 c40 6Section-Eight
*“He… wrote my brain. Like I’m some kind of android or…”

“You’re no more written than any of us’ve been,” Ayumu countered.

I believe this counts as two in-jokes, doesn't it?

*The Baroness bounded lightly onto a twirling crate and then skipped to a flying pillar, running down its length and ducking what seemed to be an Eddorian toolbox. She jumped spinning from the pillar to skid backwards across the floor obliquely to Chiyyo, sweeping a volley of satanic staples from the air with her saber.

Satanic staples? I like!

*Chiyo's bombs.

Ah. I see she learned from HK-47, then.

*“Though I guess I can’t say I’m impregnable…”


*“But anyway, he looks like his name is ‘Gary Stu’ to me, so I’m just going to call him Gary.


*: Ena Ayase, unwilling heiress to a legendary dynasty of assassins, Michiko Kimura, daughter of the late, unlamented Grand Moff, and Miura Hayasaka, who was the most scarred of the three but refused to tell anyone what had hurt her so.

Probably a bad experience with roller-skates.

*“General Takino and I will introduce them to diplomacy,

So, she slept with _how_ many people?

Much smoother ending than the last one, without the feeling of "WATCH THE SEQUEL!"
9/28/2006 c35 Section 8
*You know that isn’t the Ordos way.

As in Clan Ordo? Sweet! Canderous seriously kicks ass. GAH! You did the instant response thing again!

*She was justified: a horrible, crispy wound stretched from her armpit all the way down to her hip.

Nice resonance with Zillaville there.

*As if the first wasn’t enough, there was indeed another psychotic death machine clomping up to her. This one was just under two meters tall, an android of nondescript design painted dull black and carrying an oversized blaster in one of its wicked-looking grippers. Apart from the weapon, though, the only thing that set it apart from any one of the dozens of protocol droids you might see in a city this size was the hellish, baleful gleam of its tiny optics. Meeting those “eyes,” Yomi knew that she was facing a being to whom her life meant nothing.

Hmm, I guess he went through a Pay 'n Spray prior to KotOR.

*“Hold on there! I don’t swing that way!”

Yeah right!
9/28/2006 c30 Section-Eight
*Ackbar’s Seafood Shindig,

Wow. It really IS a trap.

*“You shouldn’t take me so seriously, Little Takeshi.


*Torako brushed dark bangs out of her eyes and knelt by the room’s window, hefting a long, custom-built rifle.

Huh. I suppose she _might_ look a bit like Kirika after a few months on the rack.

*totally analog and nigh undetectable.

Well, you could follow the property damage...

* “Say goodbye, little assassin!” she crowed, leveling her blaster at the Sith’s forehead point-blank.


Comical, yet disturbing. I like it.

*You know, a slow knife can penetrate those things easily.

20 points for random Dune-age!

*“It’s metal, silly,” Asagi reminded her. “It won’t burn.”

Ah, but those magnesium rims and spinners, them's trouble.

Hilarious. I see why you resisted offing Ayase.
9/26/2006 c1 Anonymous Does not forgive
Azumanga Daioh in Space?

I want Hanna-Barbera references.
9/25/2006 c40 6TheTrueWolfBrother
So...who´s the father?

And in addition: I´m glad you did this :D, got more of a closing feel this way.

Even though I´d have to say I´m curious about what happens next, but then again I always am, soo :P...

This isn´t me nagging for more, I´m just giddy after a good ending :)
8/10/2006 c36 56Nanenna
That was simply amazing. Right from the very begining I was hooked and I enjoyed every minute of the ride. It wasn't just a re-casting, like you said. It was more than a remix, it was its own brand of awesomeness. I'm sad to see it end, but glad to see it was left so open!
8/10/2006 c28 Nanenna
Yay! It's Maya! How fitting that he's a panther. ^^ It's so good to see him in this fic.
8/10/2006 c25 Nanenna
That was... just beautiful. I don't fully understand how Chiyo no Chichi is Chiyo's Chichi, but it was still quite awesome. It made me LOL.
8/10/2006 c23 Nanenna

We don't get to see the infamous "*I* am your father" scene? *twitches* That was probably what I was looking foreward to the most! D: I hope it's a flashback later.

It's good to see Marco! ^^ I had a hard time placing him at first. But... where's Maya?
8/10/2006 c18 Nanenna
So far I've enjoyed this WAY too much! Once I realized Osaka wasn't the Empress (Darn! I saw this great 'shop of Osaka in his robes) I knew it had to be Yukari! It's just so perfect! You've kept the characters true to themselves while fitting them nicely in this remix. I can't wait to finish reading it! ^^
2/8/2006 c32 3shikome kido mi
Heh, I see you read that website, as well. Yes, the Death Star was rather impractical compared to a big rock. I always just assumed that Palpatine liked being showy when he built the first one.

Good to see in your story that the entire rebellion isn't blind. Yomi generally is pretty practical.

And frankly just for writing a story with a Sith Osaka that is actually in character you deserve a medal.
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