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for Azumanga Daioh in Space: Special Edition

3/30/2005 c28 6TheTrueWolfBrother
:D YAY I love it, but that´s no surprise now is it!

Ayumu dressed in black, dressed to kill...The very thoughts send shivers down my spine in thrills of enjoyment :D. Incidentaly my sithcharacter in KOTOR 2 is named Kasuga Ayumu :D.

Somehow whenever I read about Ayumu I imagine an air of melancholy around her...I might just be weird, but...she´s so...Ayumu...I can´t think of anything else...

Melon Bread!
3/27/2005 c27 TheTrueWolfBrother
...I just remembered one thing I was gonna say earlier but I´ve always forgotten it...

Why does everybody translate Osakan into an American Southern accent!...!...!

It´s not right...*grumble*...

Ahem...Yay,Tomo power! Love the chapter, especially

Koyomi-kun :D (and of course Tomo)
3/27/2005 c27 2Naked Fish
What the- I just reviewed this story! I come back for a second to re-read Chapter 26 and there's a new one up! And a brilliant one, too. I didn't realize Tomo was going to be blind throughout this entire thing. Well, once again you've portrayed the characters extroadinarily well. Congratulations on kicking ass.
3/26/2005 c26 Naked Fish
Oh now that chapter RULED.

I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed before, but that chapter seriously RULED. Kagura's comment to Kaori did sound Tomo influenced , too. Since I don't actually follow the Star Wars storyline, there is no way I can predict what will happen to any of the characters. Except for maybe Chiyo, since that's fairly straight forward.

This is currently my favourite story, you are like, the perfect fanfic author. You update regularly with well written, good sized chapters. I know, not very descriptive words.

I'm not sure why there aren't so many people reviewing anymore, maybe they take this for granted, but I for one would hate for you to just stop this story. You reflect the characters perfectly. This is by far the best multi-chaptered Azumanga Daioh fanfiction. Much love, X.
3/22/2005 c25 6Section-Eight
Not a bad scene, but could have been vastly improved by removing the exclamation points. Sounds...silly?...with them in. Like, "Gasp!" or "Zap!" or "Zowie!"

'uggage wazza nice touch.
3/21/2005 c25 6TheTrueWolfBrother
Yay,Chiyo...uh,no...Chiyo resisted the dark side...what a surprise, really...XD...

C-chan sounds wonderful.

Maybe some more angsty feelings could be in place?

In the latest chapters there seem to room for some...

More Tomo!

More Ayumu! :D...
3/20/2005 c24 TheTrueWolfBrother
Chiyo turning to the dark side?...:o...

This is getting...I´m not gonna say "really good" or something of the like, because it already is...

It´s getting greater XD
3/17/2005 c23 9Q Illespont
I do like how it's written so far, and where it's going is very interesting.

However ... I get the feeling I must've missed a chapter, going from the last one to here. It took a long while before I could figure how it was going. After seeing this one and 24, I can kind'a make out what happenned, and I'm guessing you chose to not patently retell the incident between Chiyo and Nochichi. I can understand that (it's almost a cliche now), but it was a bit jarring to go from Nochichi preparing to already writing her off as dead while carrying Ayumu off to a hideous fate..
3/17/2005 c1 6TheTrueWolfBrother
haha,ah I re-read last chapter and finally found the "lightning" XD

Surely Ayu-chan won´t turn to the dark side?...
3/15/2005 c23 New
Yuichi? As in Kanon?

In any case, nifty wifty. "Take on the empire single handed..." XD
3/15/2005 c6 Oh Em Gee
Pigtail scene == YES.
3/15/2005 c3 Kira
Did... did you just make a Bob and George reference?

Even if you didn't, I still love you for this. But if you did, +100 COOL POINTS.
3/14/2005 c23 6Section-Eight
I must admit, I was not expecting a "milk" moment with the Black Knight.

Or more Sakaki-isms. What with a dead Sakaki and all.


(You do realize she now has more dialogue than she had in the movie and manga combined, yes?)

3/12/2005 c22 6TheTrueWolfBrother
oohh...this is great :D, now I might´ve said that before , but I mean it. You even got my favourite pairing in here, though I don´t know how much you´re going to make of it. Ayumu´s struggling is something I like very much...why am I such an angsetwhore?

Keep it up and more AYUMU! :D
3/3/2005 c21 TheTrueWolfBrother
You evil,evil person! Poor Ayumu :´(...

This is a wonderful chapter as always, but when Ayumu´s like that...:(...not that I got anything to say, I´ve already ruined her life...:(
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