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12/16/2008 c6 1Dimly
Hm...maybe the doppelganger can go on a journey, following Issac and crew but not getting close enough for them to see him. He observes the group, causing havoc in the places they visit after they leave. Red (as I will call him for now) was made from the loss of control in Garet's emotions, and Xian guards the portal to the world of these shadows. All people have a shadow half, but when someone very strong like Garet loses control, the shadow can break free. Red slowly gains power as he causes mayhem for people, and Garet takes up a sort of alter ego to solve the problems Red causes. No one knows it's him. Then Issac and the gang hear of the shadow, but merely think he's human (and not Garet); they vow to kill Red, but end up chasing alter ego Garet who they suspect is Red in disguise. Garet has many adventures and gains a few new friends, one who falls in love with him without his knowing. Red eventually falls for Jenna as he spies on her, and turns out to have been gathering power for his dark lord, who wants to destroy humankind. He dies somehow in a final act of defiance against his lord to protect Jenna.

Just an idea. Feel free to ask for more.

4/4/2008 c6 Donna
Ooh, I have an idea. Why not make the immortal go to Felix's group and play with their minds a little? That'd be fun.
7/19/2006 c6 Guest
Good, good, give me more!
6/21/2006 c5 Guest
It's been more than 100 days (I count 114, but that's me), Isn't it time to return to Garet's inner turmoil?

(I'll have to re-read it to not forget anything important)
2/27/2006 c5 5Steeple333
I remember first reading this, and how saddened I was. But I was tired of Garet-bashers.

Please, continue.
2/24/2006 c4 Dragon Adept
Holy shiite muslim on a slice of toast! Garet left? He may as well have killed himself, he's a good fighter, (hmph, he's facing up to that fact that that's all he is.) but fighting while he's all emotionally drawn out like this will kill him faster than any mad demon could. I fear for his safety... and sanity. I've got to read the next chapter!
2/24/2006 c1 dragon adept
*Sob* I feel so bad for Garet. He works so hard and only ends up crushing his little sister's flowers. I just noticed how like 70% of the bosses in the game are water or fire, so he's useless against them. Excuse me... *sob*
2/24/2006 c4 trixies girl

Me: shuttup Jenna

Jenna: Its not my fault u dont like me and garet

Me: Hey, i like the story

Ignore the muse, please

update soon
2/23/2006 c4 your local dealer
This is really good, I like having the spotlight on Garet for once, but you've got to update it faster!
10/21/2005 c3 a desperate reader
9/1/2005 c3 10Trixie's girl
Will GAret ever harm Isaac or Jenna just for revenge?
6/29/2005 c3 Corrupted Santuary
I hate Jenna, with a passion. I hope she, I dunno, dies or something.

Hahaha, just joking! XP But really, I don't like Jenna, and I pity any pairing with her in it. I do favour Garret/Jenna pairings, cause they fit, otherwise, I pity the men who she's paired up with.

Thank you for writing such a lovely chapter! Bleh, I always felt like Garret never got enough attention. Isaac this and Isaac that, but then again, Garret always never held a grudge towards Isaac because of that. ^_^
6/7/2005 c3 Guest
This is so sad.
4/26/2005 c3 Crystaline Kitty
I like your story, please cotinue? I would like to find our on what happens next, that I would...

4/7/2005 c1 Cooollllll
Me likes, me likes, update soon
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