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for Revenge is Sweet

1/6/2012 c4 CrimsonSunsetZoroark
Even tough some chapters are short it's a quite good story. Keep up the good work.
10/26/2006 c1 2Morrigan's Wings
This is REALLY good you need to write more!
11/17/2004 c2 6Minty-Fivestar
I'm reading and reviewing your story! ^^

Oh... this is sad... Poor Wes and Rui... (sniff) It really looks good so far! Go Wes! Get em! (waves flags)

My suggestions... I'd love to see more flashbacks, such as romantic moments between Wes and Rui. Perhaps when they got engaged or married. That will make the story more emotional. Also, explanation on how Wes got all those Legendary Pokemon would help, too. You don't get Latios, Kyogre, or Groudon in Pokemon Colosseum, after all! ^^ Also... the "wasteland" where Colosseum takes place is in Orre, not in Hoenn. Hoenn is pretty and green.

Besides those points... this is looking great! I love Wes/Rui romance... even if this is very sad... (sniffs again) Keep it up! Until next time...

-Samantha McPhoenix (aka Pichu*Star)

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