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4/18/2006 c1 13Destiny1029
Ok this is going to sound weird... I mean it's been about 2 years since you wrote this! haha Anywho. I thought I had reviewed this, but it looks like I haven't!

I love this fic so much. Joey and anzu are so cute together. I would give criticism... but I can't think of any. Thank you for writing such a genuine fic.
1/4/2006 c1 87incense-whiskers
That was really nice.
8/18/2005 c1 1Ambiance-Dream
Aw... I loved this story! It was really sweet... Go jouxanzu!
7/16/2005 c1 3animeroxz
i like it
7/5/2005 c1 1newpretear
That was good. It almost seemed poetic some how.
6/24/2005 c1 IceEmber
Aw, cute!
12/16/2004 c1 50Satine89
I really liked this one, two. Even though Jonouchi/Anzu seems like a very odd pairing, it was very good. I especially like the solitare line... that cracked me up!
12/5/2004 c1 luvin aoshi
i love the JounouchiAnzu pairing. they would be really sweet together. anyway, this was good, as usual.
11/20/2004 c1 1lenanR
11/19/2004 c1 25CommonKnowledge
very cute! Short and sweet, you don't find a lot of good Anzu/Joey oneshots.
11/19/2004 c1 38Sapphire Dragons
oh, this was really good! i tend to write the ending of a ficlet before the beginning, but i thought i was the only one!

Thanks for reviewing Feeling Older. I had some definate doubts about that story, especially since i skipped lunch to write it.

Your 'humble opinion' means alot to us (the people that enjoy your work)

11/19/2004 c1 48Sierra's Darkness
^^ Very sweet. I haven't read too much of this pairing, but I loved your version of this pairing. Well done.

~ Hanna
11/19/2004 c1 37DarkShadowFlame
Wow. This was awesome. Awesome for two reasons, that kind of go along with the two parts.

I *loved* Joey's introspection on all his friends (and not-so-friends!). I especially liked how he/you tied Shizuka into that all. In particular, the Yugi-might-be-the-only-deserving-one-even-though-he-doesn't-like-her-like-that. I've actually been musing on Yugi/Shizuka a lot lately. I've also been musing on Joey/Anzu, which leads me to the second reason I feel this was wonderful. The J/A hints. I don't see a lot of J/A, but it's one of those unusual ships that just seems to work. At least I think so. ^.^

Actually, about the break, I didn't think it seemed to abrupt; your summary and the way you constructed things before made it seem like you were leading up to something like that. I was actually waiting for you to jump into Joey's thoughts on Anzu.

Well, gotta run, but this was really great! Ciao

11/19/2004 c1 NotUsed111111
The idea's pretty good, and I really like how you "executed the task" of writing it! (Of course, under no circumstances would I support the implied pairing, but...)
11/19/2004 c1 24Starspots
I love this!It's has so many emotion's and it touched me greaty!

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