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for Merry Christmas from Crossroads

9/4/2010 c4 15vesperlynds
I recently saw this movie, and I love your fics. I really love how you write Monica, and I adore your Monica and Steve interactions in all of your stories.
11/23/2004 c4 105Thecricketsarecalling
One word...awsome, just frigging awsome. This has been your best story yet. I thought it was really cool of you to write a story right around this time of year,I thought a few times about writting a chapter about the holidays in "Biggest Fear." But if you notice I seem to forget it snows where they come from and in the middle of dead winter their sitting around tanning on the nice warm beach! (knocks head) I think it's really cool your style of writting...most of all Monica. I thought the ending was really perfect and I could almost see Kenneth doing that (strange...I know) Please start writting another story soon...I really wanna see more of your work! Also on a side note have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy yourself this week.
11/20/2004 c3 Thecricketsarecalling
Very cool chapter (once again thanks for the shout out in chapter one) Liked how Frank told him not to waste his life, very cool
11/20/2004 c2 Thecricketsarecalling
Even better then chapter one, Cute how their all getting the tree and stuff ready...also good idea about what their putting on the tree, keep up the good work!
11/20/2004 c1 Thecricketsarecalling
Hey, Great to see you posted your new story idea, The thing about them all around Christmas is perfect! I love how your writting Monica and how she's getting all into it, very nice.

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