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for Serena's a What?!

7/6/2020 c1 Guest
You should continue this story. Interesting premise. I like it!
2/1/2019 c1 FortressofProcrastination
Wow, it’s been almost 18 years, well it’s such a pity that you abandon this story, i really hope you’ll pick it up soon. Keep up the good work!
3/11/2014 c1 dragoncat26
I really like this and would love to see more I want to know who did what and how our fav moon goddess is going to handle it
8/23/2010 c1 clumsyinluv
omg please continuei love it what happens
12/22/2005 c1 28guitarbabe2005
hey i really like this story up date asap
8/19/2005 c1 18lovedlost
oh my god who is it? is it anyone we know from the series/films or someone new. you know i likethis it has potential.keep it coming andi will review when i get back see ya soon sailorstars16 over and out.
10/9/2004 c1 3Dark Hime
you have got to finish this i really want to know who sent oblivion.!
12/30/2002 c1 2sWeEtAzNaNgEl
who was he sent by? didn't curiosity kill da cat? and i'm reallie curious!
6/12/2002 c1 3Evening Star
This is quite interesting! I'd love to see how it ends...
5/8/2002 c1 Sierra-Andora
wow now that is a great chapter! I hope you continue soon!
4/14/2002 c1 Carla
Hi, I love you idea for this history please continue soon, or if you don`t want to continue leaving you story in this page can you please tell me what do you have think for the end, I know I ask to much but the curiosity kill me. Ohh And excuse my english, because isn`t so good

12/18/2001 c1 goldkitty
Great fic. Update soon please.
11/24/2001 c1 Lita Ami BUnny
LOL I likey please continue! ^_^
9/1/2001 c1 BaBiiShAwDeE
please hurry up and finish the rest of the story! i really want to know who oblivion is workin for! and i really like ur story`
8/28/2001 c1 Gabrielle
That was a very interesting start to a great story. It is time for Serena to show that she is not ditzy or a crybaby. Keep writing!
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