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for Beauty In The Beast

2/7/2005 c4 3xokittyiunox
I love this story and I can't wait for more! :)
2/7/2005 c4 20Pinayprincesa
Okay I do have to admit Dave and Lilian do make the most cutest couple I've ever seen.Hm maybe they should make a storyline with the two of them sometime!:D
2/7/2005 c4 kitten1801
Lil and Dave are so cute together. good work as always. :-)
2/6/2005 c4 3Latisha C
"I came, I saw, I hit 'em right there in jaw...in the jaw. I came, I saw, I hit 'em right there in the jaw...in the jaw." Love that damn song.

This was a good chapter. Keep up the terrific writing.
2/6/2005 c4 27Milou
absolutely adorable! Bring more soon! Yay for crossfade, you go girl! :P
2/6/2005 c4 57Adrian Jade
That is so cute you must continue.
2/2/2005 c3 s and s blah
very nice story so far i just love lillian and dave fics they are so cool together her small self with his big sexy body oh well look at rambling on when all you wanted to know was if it was a good fic well no its wasn't a good fic

it was a great fic any way keep it up

thanks for the entertainment
1/28/2005 c3 3AndromedaRae
fluffy? as fluffy as a cloud, as brand new pillow! Definatly fluffy! loved it!
1/24/2005 c3 27Milou
we must review? Cant we just lurk and read, then run away? :P Alright, u know how much I love my Dave, so your story is really sweet! Cant wait for more!
1/23/2005 c3 20Pinayprincesa
O Lilian has a crush,hehehe:P Seems like both she and Dave are head over heels for one another;) More soon!
1/23/2005 c3 6bkerbunny
ahh she found the list of "things to know"... She shouldn't be too upset though, it is all for her... I can't wait for an update so I can see what she will say to the girls and what happens between her and Dave.

1/23/2005 c3 Losing Grip
So good, I really like it alot. Update soon please!
1/22/2005 c3 staci
love it please update soon
1/22/2005 c3 1Sellotaped Heart
Great fic. Ship I've never seen before so looking forward to your next update!
1/22/2005 c3 7Shinebright-Starlight
aww that is so sweet
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