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12/11/2004 c1 10Ayda666
I've told you before I liked that, and I still do. Batista's not my favs... bu who cares when it's till good reading stuff?
11/28/2004 c1 davysgirl
finish the story please! i love dave stories that don't involve trish!
11/25/2004 c1 Jen105
Awesome beginning to this story. I hope to read more soon.

11/25/2004 c1 7qtea-angel
a very interesting concept...personally, i would like to see batista as a big softie, since almost all the fanfics i've read that has him portrays him as a big scary monster...i would love to see randy give out pointers on how to win a girl over...lol...please continue this fic! :-)
11/24/2004 c1 Laura
I really like your story keep going I love the pairing of Batista and Lilian.
11/24/2004 c1 3Latisha C
Great first chapter.
11/24/2004 c1 20Pinayprincesa
hm Randy has some pretty good advice for Dave:) Can't wait to see how Lili and Dave hook up together!
11/24/2004 c1 Fidelitas
I like it!

Good work!

Update soon... :-)
11/24/2004 c1 bkerbunny1800
Very good... Looking forward to see where you go with this one
11/24/2004 c1 3Ms. Cena RKO
Its very cute...update soon!good work!
11/23/2004 c1 27Milou
try it on again! Please please please go on with it! You know how I love to see my Davey into a big teddy bear! COME ON, dont care about the reviews, just care about me pleading for more...(ok that sounded weird but anyway) :P
11/23/2004 c1 3boscoslover19
great so far keep it up
11/27/2004 c1 22Miss.Ed
Great story...loved every bit. And can you, with sugar on top, give Randy someone...i mean, someone for him to crush on...like that...LOL...if you don't want it's okay...but I still love your story. Rock on, miss-ed606 (evildiva606)
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