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for Referring to Yourself in the Third Person

9/27/2009 c1 passerby
Thanks for that short. You stayed true to the characters and, more, developed them. Very well done.
11/17/2006 c4 3storylistener
Very nice! Wonderful story. I can't think of anything else to say other then GOOD JOB!
10/23/2005 c4 7FrequencyQueen
Nice! I knew Savil wouldn't keep her fingers...er...hooves out of things for long. Nice bit of angst about Stef too.
6/28/2005 c4 Dreamseeker
Ha! Savil was my second guess, after Gala of course. Anyway, lovely story. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I only finished The Last Herald-Mage trilogy a few days ago, so I'm still getting over that pleasent emotional daze I expernce after an exceptionally good story, which includes a desperate need for more. That's where fanfics like this one come in handy. ^_^

I was also amused by the references about Leareth. I had read The Mage Winds before Last Herald-Mage, so when the name was mentioned in Winds of Fury it meant nothing to me and I promptly forgot it. It was a pure hunch that sent me flipping through the pages again later in search of the list of previous incarnations. I was actually surprised to discover that my guess was correct.
12/25/2004 c1 Kevin
Excellent story. I just read all four parts, and found it extremely moving. Thank you.

12/22/2004 c4 24Cat McDougall
Savil eh? That's unusual... normally they don'tcome back until everyone they knew has passed on. But still, wonderful chapter.
12/21/2004 c4 2BrownEyedAthena
wow..this is a really good fanfic! one of the best i've ever read. awesome plot i like it! keep up with the good work.
12/21/2004 c4 68etcetera-cat
This story, I like very, very much. Really; the idea at the centre of this is very interesting and priginal, and you managed to execute it in a highly believable fashion.

I have to say, that I wasn't expecting Amnet to be Savil, but in retrospect, she could really have been anyone else! ^-^~

12/19/2004 c4 2wizard116
great chapter. so seeing as this is the last chapter of the year i would guess that i have to wait awhile for he next one. oh well. i hope you post soon.
12/18/2004 c4 sultar
wow...really good so far. Can't wait for your next update
12/13/2004 c3 1meowwl
Excellent job of staying in character!..At a guess I would say Amnet is none other than Gala, Tylendel's companion
12/8/2004 c3 Fireblade K'Chona
Very well-done, and I look forward to more!
12/8/2004 c3 2wizard116
great story so far. ican't wait to see what happens. i'm gald that things turned out ok.
11/28/2004 c1 4SnoopyGal327
Wow. That was wonderfuly written. I really like the first person and the direction you seem to be taking this. Please write more!
11/25/2004 c1 2Lurks in Shadows
Oh! I'm intrigued. Please write more?
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