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for Chronicles of Juan, the sleeping dragon of Budehuc

2/11/2005 c3 1blazer-6
Hey man when will you update? I'm looking fprward to it.
1/1/2005 c3 pikinanou
good one, very chinesse like. since i never played the other suikoden i don't know anything about Juan's father IF we're suppose to know something about him or about his adversary...

well, keep writing because you're good at it.
12/22/2004 c3 Big Boyy
I like it. The story is well writen, and believable. The 3rd chapter was a good length, and I especieally like the attention to detail that you pute into the fighting and training scenes. Overall a very good story. I hope that you will reveal that teqnique rune that Hugo got as well as that whole Hugo/Lilly thing that you suggested. Also, sense Chris has the True Water Rune, and sense it's a healing rune, cant't she use it to heal Geddoe quicker? Just a thought.

Keep up the excellent work.
12/13/2004 c2 blazer-6
This is a neat story I like how you add several different chareacters in it. I hope You continue it dont be discouraged you have so few reviews many people who log on never review anyway. GO BRANKY YOU ROCK
12/2/2004 c2 26Salacassera
Personally, I'm enjoying this story a lot so far. I like seeing about Juan and Emily, and I don't think it's unreasonable for Juan to train hard. Fighting in the war probably revived his work ethic a bit, and he IS a bujutsu teacher. :)

I also like the action going on with the others in the background.
12/1/2004 c2 koriandr-star
@ SSB: I'll make this simple, everyone is allowed to make a comment as long as its constructive and fair. The post I made has been constructive and fair and is only negative in some spots as I'm raising some points and factors on his story which is a lot more than you have done. I don't mind what you say but don't try to encourage people to shun me or anyone else espacilly as my post is a hell of a lot more informative then yours!
12/1/2004 c2 99SSBFreak
To whatever negative things the last person said about your story, please pay no attention. I personally think this is a great story with an original plot.

It's good to see someone write a story about an overlooked character once in a while. Nowadays it's all 'Hugo, Chris, Geddoe, Borus, Sasarai, Luc, etc'. So a fic about Juan is definately good for a change.

Please update soon, because I look forward to more. ^_^
11/30/2004 c2 27Korgeta
Its ok, I'm not sure where its going plotwise as all the characters seem to be doing little and juan is being irrating in the scene where he is unscathed yet geddode is and says he's better than chris or such. Espacilly as Chris is a war vetren which includes Geoddoe and both know how to be efficent sword masters and killers. So that is out of character.

And I am finding it hard to swallow that he's training 24/7 over a letter that may or may not be from his father's killer. As all he has is a letter from an unkown challenger yet there is nothing to support that this is by the killer himself and for someone who committed such a deed juan hasn't eaxctly been looking out for vengence against such a man let alone somehow forgot the mwethod of killing this man has. (Killing someone close isn't somthing that's forgotten the next day)

Though characters are done well with the exception of Geoddoe the story ius ok with some detailed scenery and detailed action fights fine, just Juan is being annoying by being near perfect and performing very sterotypical bahviour of martial arts which does get annoying for someone like me who is reading this at the moment.

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