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3/24/2010 c3 5Akumarayne
I never thought about it that way. Pigtails! Its true! Now I'll never see it any other way! Great story~
9/3/2006 c3 Your.Suicide.Note
Yes well, it's sad that you haven't written any more. :( I really like this fic, even though it only has three chapters, would you please update soon? I would really appreciate it, and this is a good story, I'd hate to see it abandoned, and never finished.
9/3/2006 c2 Your.Suicide.Note
Pigtails... lol. I dunno, I kinda always wondered just how was it possible for someone to be so... manly, yet so feminine at the some time? S'kinda creepy I guess, but Albel manages to pull it off. xD Anyway, great chapter.
9/3/2006 c1 Your.Suicide.Note
I love Cliff's hunches. They're just so fun. Anyway, I really liked this chapter, and I'm glad I came across this fic. There really aren't enough CliffAlbel fics out there. ^^
8/15/2005 c3 12nife
Love the random stories! They're cute! I hope you right more.
8/4/2005 c1 5Rebel Without An Existence
I read it all, I'm just replying on the first chapter. This is funny! But one thing I noticed... Cliff seems gay... Well, good work anyway.
7/30/2005 c3 Fluffymadness
THIS is REALLY good! I love Albel/Cliff fanfiction, there should be more on You are doing a great job with this, please keep on going!
7/17/2005 c3 Noodles3
Ack, I reviewed this rather late! (Sorry!)

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I LOVE these drabbles; they're short, but they're so filling!

I really liked this chapter because you characterized Cliff as a smart young man (and it annoys me when a lot of people see Cliff as an idiot - he founded Quark of god's sake! That's gotta take some intelligence! XP), and it's just hilarious to image Albel talking to a can of beer.

Thanks for writing these! I hope there'll be more soon~!
6/22/2005 c3 1Gray Iris
lol, this was great! loved it. Cliff's funny. The way you write this is great. Update again soon!
3/25/2005 c2 Gray Iris
lol, this was so funny! pigtails... heh... i love your dialogue and cliff's pov, it's funny. ^_^
2/18/2005 c2 MakoBahamut
And here I was thinking me and my friend were the only ones liking this pairing... Thank you so much for writing this.

And as the others have done, I, too, must give you credit for keeping the boys IC. It can be hard and not everybody bothers with it, but you... *Shakes head and smiles.* Keep up the good work. You truly should continue with these little snippets - or maybe even with a longer one? *Hopeful.*

In short... I think there's still some hope for FFNet if more people like you will find their way here. ^^;
1/23/2005 c2 Hana
More please! I think I'm one of the few that love this pairing... if only because of their interactions with each other (like when you get Albel and he's hit... Maybe it's the fact that Fayt's voice actor sucks at emotion, but... Cliff sounded the most scared out of all of them at the idea of Albel kickin it... and the banter... they're cute together and have much more... chemistry then GenerallynicetoeveryoneFayt). Anyway, write more!
1/4/2005 c2 81Nico-Chan
I'm not a huge fan of the Cliff/Albel pairing. (I don't really hate it or anything, but I prefer them with Fayt.) The time I usally pair them is when I do Cliff/Fayt/Albel, but still...this fic was SO well written!

I loved it. The characters were I.C, and it's pretty funny! (Cliff's just a funny guy. ^_^)

I really liked it. It was better than decent, it was wonderful! Please write more soon, it was very good writing. Witty and intellgent, something I like (though I can't pull it off well.)

*snuggles Cliff plushie*

'Pigtails indeed '
1/3/2005 c2 Kyone
XD Very amusing. ^^ Please continue in the (semi-)near future... "Pigtails indeed." Yay for you.

12/25/2004 c2 26Insignificance
Thigh! *_* I KNEW I coudnl't be the only one who noticed his beautiful thigh. I refused to use Arbel-sama's alternate costumes, purely because i realized his thigh would be covered up. XD And I so can see Cliff being...distracted...by Arbel's thigh. XDD MOREMOREMOREMORE!
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