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4/27/2005 c10 Sci Fi Fan Gillian
Good chapter.
4/27/2005 c10 zats
Hope you aren't too bored with this story. I just read all 10 chapters and loved the story. Jack's family is a hoot. Can't wait for the rest of the story. Thank you.
4/26/2005 c10 9Natters
ops, he just put his foot in his mouth again. more please
4/26/2005 c9 Natters
eww, lovely image;)
4/26/2005 c8 Natters
4/26/2005 c7 Natters
4/26/2005 c6 Natters
4/26/2005 c5 Natters
uh oh
4/26/2005 c4 Natters
4/26/2005 c3 Natters
4/26/2005 c2 Natters
woo hoo!
4/26/2005 c1 Natters
good start
4/26/2005 c10 63BookWorm37
Great story, but you keep on leaving me hanging for weeks at a time! Update sooner, or make longer chapters!
4/26/2005 c10 1PantherGoddess
damn jack. sam wanted kids. now i want sam and jack to fight and then get back together.
4/25/2005 c9 Nanna
Please finish the story, it's one of the best ones that I've read so far. Who knew that Jack was so smart?
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