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9/8/2009 c21 98silver-nightstorm
He's gonna change himself into a demon, isn't he? I know it! STUPID RON! And Inuyasha cursing was funny! :D

9/8/2009 c19 silver-nightstorm
I love Mrs. Weasly! Please make Harry stay nice to her! But screw Ron and Hermionie (normally I like Ron more than Harry, but in this, I love Harry :D)

9/8/2009 c18 silver-nightstorm
Poor Harry... But I do like him better this way! Before, he reminded me too much of Frodo, the helpless hero who is famous for doing absolutely nothing :D

9/8/2009 c16 silver-nightstorm
“H-Harry?” Ron stuttered, staring at his friend, “what the bloody hell happened to you mate?”

and of course...

"Mum! Leave him alone! It gives him sex appeal" *snort* poor Tonks :D He'd never hit on her... *giggles*

Another ROFLMFAO :D HAAHAHAHHAHAHHA! I was sitting here laughing like crazy and my parents thought I was dieing :D

9/8/2009 c14 silver-nightstorm
What part of India are they in? :D Cause I'm Indian and can kinda speak Hindi and fluently speak Kannada :D But I can fluently understand both :D

9/8/2009 c13 silver-nightstorm
“Why the hell do you live in America?” Harry asked as they walked through the front door

“Um,” Inu Yasha said in a dopey voice, “Because I’m American...?”

"I was born in Japan actually,” Inu Yasha replied while raising an amused eyebrow, “-and I fought in the revolutionary war so I’d say that makes me pretty American.”

“Hey, I’m Alaina—the esteemed daughter of this ass.”

Harry swallowed and laughed and took her hand, “I’m Harry”

“Oh,” she cooed looking at her father, “a British boy.”

“Hmm, you’re staying with your mother this weekend, so you better be packed by tonight,” Inu Yasha said carelessly as Alaina sat down.

“Dad,” she whined, “do I have to?”

“Yes,” Inu Yasha responded in the same whiny attitude.

“But she’s such a bitch,” Alaina said exasperated.

“Hence the divorce.”

“Well what the hell possessed you to marry her in the first place?”

“Hey,” Inu Yasha pointed a finger at her, “I’ll disown your ass...don’t think I won’t.”

She gave him the finger. Inu Yasha stuck out his tongue. Then came the crossed eyes and it was a full out ‘face off’. Harry watched in sheer amazement as the two of them made the most bizarre faces and gestures at each other. He couldn’t imagine Mr. Weasley ever using such language when talking to his kids or allowing them to speak to him that way.


9/8/2009 c12 silver-nightstorm
Mate *giggle* I can't believe that he would do that :D And a HUMAN Mate :D

9/8/2009 c11 silver-nightstorm
He hit on Petunia... *giggle*

9/8/2009 c10 silver-nightstorm
accept it... love it... have some ramen! :D Every chapter that I review, I'll pick my favorite line! :D

9/8/2009 c9 silver-nightstorm
I'm sitting next to the guardian of the seventh gate of hell... WHAT THE HELL? Demon Hunter Harry! :D

9/8/2009 c8 silver-nightstorm
Another visitor... oh god...who is it now? hahaha :D I'm loving the randomness of Bad Ass Harry! :D

9/8/2009 c7 silver-nightstorm
Hahahahahaha! Harry's got a little problem! :D

9/7/2009 c5 silver-nightstorm
Wow. That. Was. Random. I. Am. Going. Crazy... That was crazy... I think I'll read this! :D

8/12/2009 c33 2Sacred Beast117

fucking amazing story

i'm so reading the sequel

keep up the great work
8/3/2009 c27 terraforce
harry knifing dumbass
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