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1/17/2009 c33 Proof of Nothing
I love it! =D
1/10/2009 c21 Grazi juno
im a new time author but have been reading for years this is one of the best ever
12/10/2008 c33 Jessie Bishop
bery cool story. I never watghed more than a couple eps of Inuyasha so I only have a limited knowledge of tne story and characters. but great story. look forward to reading the rest of the series.
12/9/2008 c24 4Ishkabod
I must say the second time around reading this story is just as good as the first. I'm not sure if i mentioned it before but i think the spiritual and magical energy balance thingie is an amazing explanation. Thanks again for shareing this wonderfull story. I've gotta get back to reading now


Merry Christmas
12/6/2008 c7 8Kiyoko Michi
I... am quite disturbed. Harry with piercings... lots of piercings... I just can't picture that. On a different note, the story's pretty good so far! The plot is good and I'm pretty sure it's going to get even better, plus the Digimon crossover. I never even considered a crossover like that... and you're going to add Inuyasha and Naruto into the mix later! I think this is a good contestent for communities Unusual Crossovers and Flubadug... but I still think Harry went just a tad overboard with the piercings.
11/10/2008 c33 4Khellan Rafe
Heheh, right on. Great story, btw. Gotta get started on Millenium soon!
11/4/2008 c33 noreenklose
I loved this story and I'll start the sequel immediately.

I've never watched,or read Inu Yasha, so I had a slight "hard time" with the character, but I think that I grasped it OK. I love "evil/malicious Dumbles". I just wish that Ol' Moldy Shorts HAD killed him! Anybody who allows child abuse to go on, and on, and on...Deserves a SLOW, painful death. The only problem I had with the story is that the Dursleys didn't suffer at all-they should have been skinned alive! Losing their house was probably covered by insurance, so, no suffering there! I'd LOVE to read a story where the Dursleys AND Dumbledore get what's really coming to them. In DETAIL.

Maybe Harry can open up a gate to Hell for them?

Thanks for writing. KUTGW,

10/7/2008 c33 1MittknightDr
That was such a crappy ending!

10/1/2008 c33 readerthatlovestoread
wow ;^)
10/1/2008 c27 readerthatlovestoread
cool Dumbledore choked and harry got some all is good in the world
10/1/2008 c23 readerthatlovestoread
nice naraku back
10/1/2008 c22 readerthatlovestoread
swet inuyasha a teacher
10/1/2008 c21 readerthatlovestoread
so harry going to be a demon
10/1/2008 c20 readerthatlovestoread
poor book it may get dustie again
10/1/2008 c17 readerthatlovestoread
i fucking love this harry potter ;^}
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