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10/1/2008 c10 readerthatlovestoread
can someone be willingily kidnaped?
10/1/2008 c8 readerthatlovestoread
its hard to picture shippo tall
10/1/2008 c7 readerthatlovestoread
swet i am loving this harry ;^}
10/1/2008 c6 readerthatlovestoread
love it ;^)
10/1/2008 c1 readerthatlovestoread
hmm sound good
9/27/2008 c33 asshiiirlllee

digimin, inuyasha and the american lass?


one at a time dear!

sorry if i am a bit... ermm harsh
8/11/2008 c33 25kyokoaurora
I love how you wrote Harry. I never like him before and I now I adore him.

7/17/2008 c2 Ebrius
Say, why is taking blood sinister? Shouldn't there be further classifications as to the origin of the blood (e.g. self, others/willing, others/forced)?
6/25/2008 c33 KillerAcorn
Great story. Loved it, even though I haven't seen much of the Inuyasha series. I cant wait to read the sequel, in fact I'm headed there right now.
4/29/2008 c32 Arkeus
Poor Harry.

Not only does he has a starstruck ginny after him, but hermione goes into Dumber mode than in canon :/

oh, and HG was pulled off well by rowling? Oo Usually, even fanfiction people do it better, as rowling just basically had "Lust" as the whole list of reason they were together.

ah well...
4/29/2008 c31 Arkeus
mmh, AD is even more of an asshole in the sixth book, though Oo

anyway, quite surprised you liked it :p
4/29/2008 c26 Arkeus
DAmn, i was quite annoyed with harry's attitude, but was hoping it was his way of getting confidence, but him being "friends" with the Wimp?

4/29/2008 c21 Arkeus
well...that came too quickly.

There was an hint to that barely a chapter or two ago. It would have been nice had it been earlier, or something.
4/29/2008 c18 Arkeus
i *hate* the ususal friends watching over harry things, and i always am surprised that nobody rmemebers that hermione is the only character in hp that mentionned AD as a manipulator from the first book.
4/29/2008 c10 Arkeus
the very first few chaptersare very awkward and kind of weird, which made me stop reading a few times, but it gets better :-)

let's see now :-)
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