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5/16/2007 c33 3Engel-des-Todes
Wow! This is an awsome story! : )
4/29/2007 c17 1ceyx0991
Woot Go MD!
4/21/2007 c33 4hemotem
WOW great read going to read the sequel now.

Thank you for a great read.

2/25/2007 c3 4Hunnypooh
Could someone plz tell what a "Mary Sue" is? I have no idea what that is.
2/6/2007 c33 6blackshadow1006
Awesome story
1/26/2007 c33 Sulfide
Great story...I just arrived on the scene and your story was one of the ones I found for the introdution into the supernatural. I loved the idea of a non-human Harry, and blending in some Inu Yasha humor made it all the more better..Your the only one so far that I've read thats actually killed Madame Prince(kinda funny really). I'm about to start on the sequal. I hope its as great as this...

12/28/2006 c33 Fallenangel93
I LOVE it!
12/26/2006 c33 2Deathfire-san
Looks like you had trouble ending it, but that's normal. You didn't mention Kagome really at all, which kinda dissappointed me. Funny and good story, altogether.
11/28/2006 c27 20The Wigmonsters
...I still have a headache.

11/28/2006 c26 The Wigmonsters
Really? Cuz Inu acts an awful lot like I do now. Hmm...

11/28/2006 c15 The Wigmonsters
This is a random comment, I know, but my friend Chelsea(resident 9th grade pervert, bi, the Queen of Purple Duct Tape, and no doubt lunatic), whenever someone may be playing around with something of hers will shout not to molest it. Like when Testerman was poking at the boots she was wearing(black, her sister's, and covered in purple duct tape), she slapped Testerman's hand and said very loudly, "Do not molest the boots!"

And this is what I have for friends. Ah well. At least they amuse me.

11/28/2006 c7 The Wigmonsters

11/28/2006 c6 The Wigmonsters
I feel Harry's pain. *fingers crimped hair(curtousy of Sierra) and growls*

11/28/2006 c5 The Wigmonsters
I like Shiva. She reminds me somewhat of Whitney.

-nobody's worst nightmare because i currently have a headache
11/8/2006 c33 6Angel no Yami
Wow. that was a good crossover. Most of them are not this well though out. Kudos.

Angel No Yami
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