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9/4/2005 c33 elgen
OMG! That was so beautiful :ยด) :Cries: Very good work I must say, i loved your story. usually i dont read stories like this with Harry potter and demons crossovers but this was great! :D Keep up the good work.
9/4/2005 c33 1Goldensong
Go you! Brilliant. Really brilliant. I'll keep an eye open for the sequel. Good luck at college!
9/3/2005 c33 2Mercsenary
wow sequel now!
9/3/2005 c33 LaBOBuren
Hello! Wow... that was... just... wow... I especially liked the ending... you even did a good job of keeping up the anticipation and drama evenm after Harry jumped into hell, nice... I really liked this whole story, not just the ending. I also can't wait for the sequel! ... which is yet another word I have yet to be able to spell... :-\ OH well, no matter.

This was just awesome! I can't wait untill you have time to get started on 'Millennium'

Good luck in college! I hope you end up liking it! Er... at least... liking it as far as school goes ya know... Have fun and trynot to put TOO many pictures of your teachers faces on dartboards... it could always be intensely awkward if they ever happened to see it. lol
9/3/2005 c33
Good luck... and good luck. I cant wait for millenium... well i can however i'll do so begrugingly.

p.s. to complete the rule of three: good luck. claps hands twice and bows.
9/3/2005 c33 6petpeeves12
Good luck in college! I guess the students won't find out about Inuyasha or will they?
9/3/2005 c33 3Shinigami Ace
...FUCK! harry better not be in hell forever or ill be sad. NO! poor harry. please please PLEASE write more soon!
9/3/2005 c33 BillyRayValentine
9/3/2005 c33 2NamelessHeretic
OMG! I loved this story. I think I love you...

Meh whatever. Anyways I hope to see the sequel soon!
9/3/2005 c33 10Nic'sim87
One day be broken?
9/3/2005 c33 JohnneyAntonelli
Wow, awsome ending. I have to wait til u start college to read another awsome story? Ugh, oh well. This was a really amazing fic. Good luck with college. Please update Renaissance?
9/3/2005 c33 1wizardmon92
college cries? what're when's the sequel gonna be out
9/3/2005 c33 4James Evans
College - Eek... I... have the nerves too - love the story still, im a seer so i can sense the sequel will be excellent... and i sense blood - dont need 2 b a seer 2 figure that one out *dont u dare not hav blood to spite me either* What a end to the story - Millennium ... sounds good, a few characters to kill off? lol yey! dumbledore bashing! and fudge! (i hope - who dont luv a bit of dumbledore bashin) hmm... i read once in a while so cant remember much due to the mass amounts of stories that i read, but yours is by far one of the best - if it wasnt to do with any other existing stories id say publish it!
9/3/2005 c33 raven-warrior05
that was a great ending, does harry become a gaurdian of one of the gates to hell?, dont worry about college, i just started myself, where did you go to? you tell me ill tell you, lol. im a freshman, and ive been here for about two weeks and i miss my family alot. it gets to ya some time, but put it this way, you get a chance to be yourself,

good luck!

if you ever wana talk, im here

my email is
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