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1/21/2014 c31 XsamakiX
Oh my god! I loved that bit about the breakfast having eyes! I had one of those awkward moments when you just burst out laughing before you can stop yourself and everyone's asleep. I woke my family up and they weren't particularly pleased about that...oops
12/30/2013 c1 XsamakiX
I agree with what you said about Inuyasha and Harry Potter crossovers on your profile. It does get VERY annoying how they all seem to be based around Kagome or generally portray Inuyasha as a horrible person. I think that there should definitely be more of them that involve Inuyasha seeing as I view him to be a little more entertaining than Kagome and I really enjoy reading fics about him... Don't know why... Anyway, I really like the beginning of this fic and hope that I enjoy the other chapters just as much!
10/15/2013 c33 Guest
I usually have a hard time reading long stories but I couldnt put this one down. I love how you made harry powerful, but not to ridiculous levels. Plus it was really Well written and I enjoyed reading it!
7/28/2013 c4 Guest
Brrr... stop reading right now.
7/16/2013 c7 3A Nest of Nargles
I read you comment about not being to update for a while and all i could think was, thank god i found this after it was complete.

and yeah, that's a good thing, because this story is friggen awesome so far as i've read and it would suck if i had to wait for more like i do with other stories. getting all of it as soon as i want is absolutely great
7/1/2013 c4 1XMatchBookX
NO TONGUE RING! NO. NO. NO. Tongue rings are the dumbest fucking thing over ever heard of. I'm not even kidding.

I don't even know if ill continue reading if he keeps that fucking thing. Jesus FuckingChrist get rid of it.
6/25/2013 c33 9DarkenedRose24
4/12/2013 c33 n.harkin.9
love it cant wait till I read the next one!
4/7/2013 c10 2TsukiRiver
I am making this comment because you did something that needs to be agnolaged

This is such a fun story I cant stop reading, normaly this woldnt be a big deal but considering it is 1:34 in the morning and I dont feel tired I think you have acomplished something

Reason why I made a comment
You used a language other than english or japanese (Or whatever language the spells are said in) most people dont bother to use a language outside of what would be found in the story (Bleach has spanish in it and FMA takes place in Germany for a bit) !Te Aman! Y grasias.
3/16/2013 c33 2GreenDrkness
Dude that was EPIC Harry was freaking BEAST out there and then he stopped the Unforgivables and then dragged Old Voldy down straight to Hell with him
Keep on the writes
3/16/2013 c27 Wyrd42
Lowly does not mean quietly, darkly, or deeply. Lowly means meekly, humbly.

It is very commonly misused on FF. I'd like to know who started it so I could go back in time and slap him with a dictionary before it happened.
3/16/2013 c23 Wyrd42
He's not wearing a baboon pellet, he's wearing a baboon pelt. In this case, pellet would mean he was wearing baboon feces. Now, admittedly, Naraku is a bit of a s*** head, but I don't think you meant it quite that literally.
3/16/2013 c13 Wyrd42
You state that you came back to correct some misuse in this story. You missed one that you use rather often, though I'm not surprised you missed it as it is a common error on FF. I don't expect you to change it, I just wanted to make sure you knew what the correct word was:

Weary: Tired, fatigued
Wary: Apprehensive, alert, suspicious
3/15/2013 c33 3Reishin Amara
3/13/2013 c14 SPHKDR
I hope dumbles gets painfully castrated and harry steals Fawkes to pour lemon in his wounds
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