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3/13/2013 c1 SPHKDR
Oh! I live blood magic and rituals in a fanfic
3/7/2013 c30 63BiblioMatsuri
I can't believe Harry fell for the old "oh look, a distraction" trick. *snickers*
3/7/2013 c24 BiblioMatsuri
Isn't Mrs. Norris a mean, nasty creature? Even if she could tell it would be a bad idea to struggle, purring?
3/7/2013 c21 BiblioMatsuri
...Naraku's back. Great. *grabs a flashlight and hides under the bed*

Yeah, that's about how good Harry's luck is in canon. (Which seems slightly ridiculous now, over ten years since I first read an HP book...)
3/7/2013 c9 BiblioMatsuri
He is such a horrible influence...

*stifles laughter*
3/7/2013 c7 BiblioMatsuri
...That's probably pretty much how an immortal, jaded but fairly cheerful Inuyasha would act. Now I'm curious to find out how the heck he got that way.
3/7/2013 c4 BiblioMatsuri
...Yeah, I'm just going to label this "crackfic" in my head so I don't start ranting about the pointless makeover. Harry changing his look a little to match the new mindset, I can see. Harry going that far and randomly getting kissed - hello, canon-supported Stu.

...Oops. I ranted anyway. Sorry...

Other than that, this is pretty good. The only real complaint is: How did they not attract unwanted attention with the "shadow walking" trick? How did Harry's guards not see?

...I may skip this continuity. Sorry.
3/7/2013 c3 BiblioMatsuri
...And this is where my lack of familiarity with Digimon (other than watching the 4Kids dub when I was eight or so) comes back to bite me. Eh, Shiva's annoying but she'll be gone soon anyway.
3/7/2013 c2 BiblioMatsuri
Re: American girls: No, Harry just attracts weirdos. (What? It's true.)

So, "power makes your hair grow" isn't a cliche? Then again, in canon, it never gets shorter than a certain length, so it's a forgivable cliche.

Question: Why didn't the Ministry pick it up? And don't say because he wasn't using a wand. Harry wasn't using a wand when he blew up his Aunt Marge, and he was only nearby when Dobby got him in trouble.
3/7/2013 c1 BiblioMatsuri
So, where did the book come from?

Yay for Harry not being so much of a sucker who automatically blames everything on himself and believes everything he hears.
2/11/2013 c30 8Myrna Maeve
"Oh look, a hummingbird!" *starts cackling madly*
1/19/2013 c23 Calix
Naraku wears a baboon 'pelt,' not a baboon 'pellet.' Please look up the difference if you don't already know, and if you do know, please be less trusting of spellcheck in the future. Your story is good enough otherwise that finding little mistakes like this in it really annoys me.

FYI, there are also similar mistakes in other chapters, such as weary/wary and I don't remember what all else.
1/2/2013 c12 4MitternachtTHEmidnightSilence
I adore this chapter simply because Inuyasha gave him Deagles. I used to have a baby Desert Eagle but the damn things are finicky and the trigger pin on mine kept breaking and I only put 100 rounds through it at the range. It was really annoying so I replaced it with something else but still. It was nice while I had it lol
11/25/2012 c33 1Lahmikhara
absolutely love the AU you created here! great work _
10/4/2012 c33 Guest
reading this story made me want to puke. harry knows his friends are spying on him and dumbledore is trying to isolate him and yet he didn't do a damn thing to them. eh what a shit.
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