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4/3/2005 c19 Slash Goddess Connla
Love it
4/3/2005 c5 weird guy
ookay do you happen to be a digimon fanatic by any chance? cause i particularly remembar a character called tai, and theres digital worlds involved. it's just screaming ''DIGIMON''
4/3/2005 c19 4Fan of Great Works
i loved the bad-ass harry! please oh please oh please update!
4/2/2005 c19 7TheeBycth
awsomeness! keep updating plz!
4/2/2005 c19 6Vash2004
cool story.

is it Riddle attacking? if it is will Harry escape using that teleportation technique and piss off the dork lord? i think that one of Harry's friends should find out what has been happening by him saving them from a demon after porting in to them.

keep writing
4/2/2005 c19 Starlight35
loving this story so far can't wait for an update. My guess on the phone it's shiva, because the quote "burst of hot air rush over his head." is Tai the half fire god because she did the dirty with our young star am I right ;)

Update soon please

4/2/2005 c19 3Nightmare723764
this is a very entertaining story! aswell as good! can't wait for the next chapter!
4/2/2005 c19 6RockIll
Good chapter. I like the way it ended but couldn't it have been longer?
4/2/2005 c19 6solar wings
Woo...totally awesome but getiing Harry to have both a lip ring and a tongue ring was a bit much...^_^
4/1/2005 c19 KingQrunk
love this story. Not a huge fan of inu yasha but i can at least follow along. Cant wait for update.
4/1/2005 c7 Arsenal
(Amused laughter) Good grief man you must like piercings or something.
4/1/2005 c19 Dao Musashi
That story is pretty sweet.
4/1/2005 c19 whiskeywoo
Hey i LOVE your story its hilarious. Theres not many rebellious harry storys that are funny but yours is topping them all. I love how its not all Hermione and Ron and Ginny because i can't stand all those 'we stand together' and 'tell us all your secrets' because in those storys really annoy me and are just too easy but your story keeps me laughing and happy that Harrys not a wimp. I'm not to sure if i like the whole shiva thing but it fits so i'm not complaining. I LOVE Inu Tasha and his whole family its just classic. Love tonks bill and the twins i wouldn't mind if they started helping harry coz it'd still be funny but hermione and ron and that itd b all naggy. Well now i've rambled i'll go back to the original point. IT ROCKS and keep writing and everything and long chapters and the whole package coz its great. Thanks for the great read :D
4/1/2005 c19 JohnneyAntonelli
Thanks for updating. That was a crappy cliff-hanger!
4/1/2005 c19 dragons rage
Harry's little fuck budy?
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