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3/7/2005 c16 3Renor Faer
That's priceless, dudley is such an idiot lol. Everyone's reactions were great, exactly how i would have pictured them!
3/7/2005 c16 A-man
Great chapter! Who is Haryr going to be paired with if any...i long as NO SLASH!
3/7/2005 c16 Mikito
Nice story!

I like it so far!

Update soon!
3/6/2005 c16 1Vaneguard
UPDATE UPSATE UPDATE well soona t least its justt getting good though there are no vampires and Harry should get his bloody owl back and kill dumbldorr or at least maim and sorry im not going to spell check my reviws lol well story rocks hope for an update soon
3/6/2005 c16 LunarBard
Okay, we can let you off for the long 'tween time for chapters. After all, visting another place is a supreme thing to do, but get that next chapty out!
3/6/2005 c16 JohnneyAntonelli
That was awsome, it's kind of nice to see the rest of the Harry Potter characters.
3/5/2005 c15 Vaneguard
Why does it stop updating is an issue lol ah well throw in a cool vampire though but other wise its amazing, what happend to kagoma?
3/5/2005 c15 Zakiree
how come ure not finishing this story?ive beenwaiting to "read on",but how come ure not writin the story so i can read on?

sorry,:(,im just really impatient and i really like ure story:(

if u feel like cussin' me out cause of this review, my email is )again,sorry
3/1/2005 c15 JohnneyAntonelli
YAY! Harry is being mollested! This is an awsome fic, I really like both of your stories and hope you will keep this story and Renaissance going.
2/26/2005 c15 1Cricket244
This story is awsome I love it. I can't wait for the next chapter to come out.
2/19/2005 c15 Kayasha
Update as soon as possible! i wanna see how everyone reacts to this new harry. *grin*
2/17/2005 c15 raven-warrior05
HE HE HE, so i wonder what the order's going to say about the NEW Harry, well any way keep it up, its a good story
2/17/2005 c15 God
please hurry up and update...and whats up with the guns...and why dont you get hatty a book on how to have sex so he can do shiva some good?
2/16/2005 c15 A-man
Wonder what happend to kagome...ect. Anyway Love the story. At 1st I was a bit hesitant because I saw Digimon involved...But its a reallu good story! UPdate ASAP!
2/16/2005 c15 don'trunwithscissors
please continue i love this story
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