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1/11/2005 c10 uten
Heh.. Loved the last line... Can't wait to find out what was in the letter! Angry Harry probably means Dumbass was being an ass.

Nice chapter. I liked your description of why Harry and Inu-Yasha could use Blood Magic. Both have different reasons that cause it, but it reinforced to Harry that he was GOOD, even if he uses dark magic.

I look forward to the next chapter!
1/11/2005 c10 yuiop
Keep it commin!
1/9/2005 c9 driaridy
next chap!next chap!next chap!next chap!next chap!next chap!next chap!next chap!
1/6/2005 c9 yuiop
Keep it comming!
12/20/2004 c8 2anthropomorphizer
I wonder who this intruder is? I hope you keep updating, at this rate, you'll have over 20 chapters in about 2 weeks... anyways great story, but still, is this story continuing the digimon story? Or will they break off soon?
12/20/2004 c8 Wyvern
Seems good so far, and it still keeps my interest. I like it.
12/20/2004 c8 uten
Nice catchup and little addition. Remus and possibly some others have come to call. While most of the chapter was a cut and paste, I did like the additional comments. You did have one spelling mistake that irks me.. People writing HP fics, yet they call Privet Drive "Private drive".. Meh. My pet peeve that is. The HP Lexicon is available for spellings of pretty much anything and everything HP and authors fail to check. *shrugs* Apart from that, there weren't many errors at all, and I loved the chapter, but everyone has to have a pet peeve.. *grins*

I look forward to the next story as this where you'll be diverging for a bit.
12/20/2004 c7 ememz
i like everything 'cept the tougue ring...I like his new style
12/20/2004 c7 uten
Heh, if the next chappie fills in the lunchbreak and catches up to the end of chapter 15 of your other story, I'll be a happy camper.

I loved the additional comments from Harry and Tai, and what Harry was thinking as well. Made me laugh, and I've already read almost the same thing in your other story. I just can't wait to hear Harry's thoughts when he tests the glasses. After all he starts with the skeleton, then zooms back out, he's going to see some interesting and icky (internal organs, gah!) things, depending on where his view is focused. It would be most amusing if he found out her natural hair color. *grins*
12/19/2004 c7 Name
He's gonna be bitchin sore tomorrow.
12/19/2004 c7 anthropomorphizer
So is this story going to continue the other story, or are you going to update both? Either way, Great story, and thanks for updating so much.
12/18/2004 c6 uten
*chuckles* You've mixed the two stories together well. Although you do have to catch up to the other story a little, I look forward to seeing where you take this given exactly what Shiva has said. The chapter had me laughing as I like Shiva. I'm curious where Harry is going with the blood magic, especially if Tommy Boy is immortal, but Harry wins. I'm sure you already have an ending set, and I for one, am definately looking forward to the next few chapters. Especially the Order and his friends reaction at the new Harry. I somehow get the feeling only Tonks will think it's cool, but I look forward to finding out!
12/14/2004 c3 lucas13
Just dont make this new girl a powerfull witch or demon or wheateer and this story will continue great... update soon!
12/14/2004 c3 2Makotochi
This could be intresting. I look foward to more
12/14/2004 c3 1ZeonReborn
interesting... what will happen?
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