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for Another Half Ghost?

6/25/2016 c3 ChameleonGiant
Oh ho. This was awful XD
Though it left me feeling a bit nolstolgic, probably because it made me think of middleschool. Unlike most I actually have fond memories of my preteen years.

Actually that Vegan Restraunt you mentioned in the fic made me think of this one food place a friend of mine at the time had invited me to. To her it was a very special place, one she'd been to for years and that was the first and last I ever got to go there. They were having some kind of last celebration before closing shop forever. I don't even remember the food I ate there but it's rather funny that I did manage to remember it being a vegetarian restraunt, and a very unforgettable one at that. The odds of this silly story taking me down memory lane huh?
12/6/2004 c1 3EsperSY
Hey, thanks Lee! You're my best e-mail buddy ever! :D (hugs Lee) ^-^ Man, I wish I could repay you with something. :(

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