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10/17/2007 c4 7J Luc Pitard
Cute shaggy dog story!
6/7/2006 c4 kitsune-koinu
6/4/2005 c4 oldlunchmeat
heheheh! that was awesome! i could imagine them doing that too!
1/9/2005 c1 Silent Sky
You know, if you're going to leave such lovely, interesting reviews, you really should leave your email address up...

ok, i am replying to your review for my story (Secret Love, Secret Power), I didn't actually read your story (sorry, no time). So, in reply:

I SAID don't complain... sheesh, i'm setting things up for the NEXT chapter... but, no, someone always has to whine about it... (someone being you. you're the only one so far...~.^)

Inuyasha and chivalry in one sentence? Oh wait, that's right, i did do it that way... ~.^ Inuyasha cares so much about Kagome, he'll do anything for her, no matter how much it hurts him to do it.

And, no, i did NOT steal that from Sueric! i wrote this chapter before i ever read a single word of Sueric's writing. (i'm fairly new to Sueric masterful stories...and i'm a ways ahead of where i'm currently posting in my story. so i can update regularily, even if i can't write regularily. Yep, so there is not one thing in that chapter that was inspired by Sueric. All me.)

Intimacy? Hmm... what a wonderful idea... whahahaha... i DID say it's rated R for a good reason, you know...

Oh my, you are right. I'll shall fix that typo pronto. Young author? who said i was young? ...okay, i suppose since i don't fall in the category of old, i must still be stuck in that darn "young" category ...gr...

Thanks for the review!

1/6/2005 c4 4DarklessVasion
That was very cute and very funny. Poor Miroku...how is he ever to get close to Sango if she hits him on reflex...well, it's his own fault.

I looked up your profile hoping to find an e-mail address to respond to your review of "Ghostly Ambition" (For which I thank you very much) - You had several valid questions that would have been answered if you had read "Tangled Ambition" first. I do believe that I put a warning at the begining of "Ghostly" stating that fact. Yes, I continue to find typos (the bane of any writer's existance) and I also don't have a beta. I've been reposting my stories on Media Miner .org and have mostly done more editing before hand.

I really enjoyed this little story. I will check out your other one. - Darkless
12/16/2004 c4 Sailacel
i'm reviewing the fourth chapter just to make you happy. yay!

and i really do love your story, though now that i've read your AU i perfer it, its really cool. i'm going to have to keep tabs on you each story gets better and better. go you! a

nyway, yes when i read this i didn't really know the characters at all, but i still loved it and thought it was great. and thats a pretty good thing, becuase most of the time w/ fanfiction without knowing that the characters are really very good (because you've read the books) the fics just aren't good enough on their own. yours is special. yah!

keep the writting up verathane!

12/12/2004 c1 Sailacel
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I'VE FOUND IT! how you ask? well as all evil villains do after committing some evil deed, i will explain...

firstly you mistakenly told me how many chapters it had, narrowing down the choices immensely (thank you)

secondly in your bio you talk about oil painting and varsol.

however, i wont read your story without your permission. i will ask you on monday.


12/9/2004 c2 6AddictedtoTsuzukiTatsumi
Great chapter :-) Humorous and serious. More please.
12/8/2004 c2 YFate
This is a really good story! Great humor, and a delicate touch with Sango and Miroku's relationship. I'm eager for the next chapter!

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