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for He Liked to Call Me Ginger

8/3/2006 c1 18UNoWho2277
Aw! I'm not a Draco/Ginny shipper (I'm stickin with Harry/Ginny, lol) but this really good. I thought it was so cute and sweet! It reminds me of the movie 'The Notebook.' Great job, and you might just've changed my mind about ol'draky-poo, lol. Again, great job, and I look forward to reading more of your fanfiction in the near future!
3/25/2006 c1 1vowtoslash
Aw! It was the so good! I loved, loved, loved it! The last line almost made me cry!
12/29/2005 c1 2ignorencereekstruth
Very very good! I love how he liked to call me Ginger. Please just think about trying another D/G. I know you hate Draco and to be honest reading HBP didn't exactly help the way I felt about Draco either. But I mean it's not like Draco actually wanted to kill Dumbledoor. Anyway lol I'm saying your a very good writer so just think about it please! Well done, it's going on my favs!
10/28/2005 c1 2Wet Water Witch
The story grows better and better once you read it! I especially like the ending...it was really sweet calling her Ginger, even if her hair was already gray...
3/13/2005 c1 5MasochistandNarcissistFan
hey. I thought since I liked your "So Alone" and "Forever" , why not read your other stories too? And I'm glad I did. This was really good and original. You know I like Harry/ginny , but in fanfic Draco/Ginny intrigues me. Great job quidditch7!
2/1/2005 c1 Ami-ImaTomLOVER
Hahaha, yeah uhm my name is wrong there but that's okay! I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH, YOU HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER D/G FIC! OMG! *sits in chair, dancingn from it's wonderful being* SEQUEL OR ANOTHER STORY! please? *puppy dog eyes*

1/6/2005 c1 92miarae
Heya! *Gasp* what do ya know I'm actually reading & reviewing!

First of all, love love love the summary! It's one of the few summaries you have that are intruiging and not to mention without spellingmistakes (sorry to sound harsh didn't know how to put it nicely). The only thing that irks me is that you put the summary sentence in the story as well, but that is just me, thinking that it's not that special anymore that way.

The rest of my memory with that boy is as follows...

I wouldn't have put that in. It's obvious that Ginny is recalling her relationship with him, that she's now old and perhaps alone (I'm reviewing as I go here) and this are all memories.

Your spelling is actually pretty good, a lot les typo's than in your profile and such but that's understandable because you can't spellcheck your profile :) there are some tiny mistakes like writing thats instead of that's and with out instead of without.

Apart from that, the story is very sweet, though Draco seems a little out of character due to the fact that he seemed to like Ginny instantly without any struggle, but that's just because this is from Ginny's perspective. I loved the ending though!
12/26/2004 c1 27Daintress
That's so sweet. So few people write from that angle - I don't know if it's because no one can see the romance in growing old together anymore, or just that so few of us have any experience with it, but it definitely strikes a cord when you read it. Nicely done!
12/25/2004 c1 2flash-rules
OOH! I loved it. You're getting so good. I can't wait to read your next piece of writing.

Short and sweet. It's wonderful.
12/12/2004 c1 DragonChamber7
Wow...that was...wow! Brilliant, honestly! Great fun to read...wonderfully amazing, colourfully done, emotionally spectacular! *these words comming from a non- D/G shipper!* I've never really thought about them being a couple! But I might consider it now!

12/12/2004 c1 6weasleygurl4
OMG! This is the sweetest thing I have easily ever read in my life, you definatly outdid yourself this time! When I said I had tears in my eyes I was NOT kidding... I love this story! Incredible, awesome, this is definatly your best one yet!
12/12/2004 c1 31Mrs.HarryPotter12

I really liked this. I esp. liked the last line:

"He still liked calling me Ginger, even if my hair had grown gray." I really like this. The only thing that was weird was in the beginning you're speaking in past tense like a reflection. Then you move to present tense when you have them speaking but the last link in past tense again. The last line would be better if it was "and he still likes calling me Ginger, even as the once vibrant color of my hair fades to gray.' or something likle that. make senes?

and you can im me on Stars1357246 if you ever need help with your writing or have a question.

12/11/2004 c1 Ashen
It was a rather sweet story, and I am rather fond of it too...It was wonderfully pointless and had a very happy ending...just how I like it! lol, I wish you luck in your writing,

12/10/2004 c1 13thisbe gwydion
i really loved it! draco a spy... muah ha ha ha! awesome... totally awesome! you did so erm... awesome, lol. it's really a great one-shot! keep up the great work!

also! guess what i've just started! a RON/HERMIONE fic! yes! inspiration struck and i've got the first chapter done... check my bio at hpff for the banner! joy joy joy!
12/10/2004 c1 LyssaGranger
Ahh! I do think I must agree! This is some of your best work! ^_^ Very cute! LOVE the ending! Great ending sentence! KEEP WRITING! :D

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