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3/3/2018 c18 10Just a Crazy-Man
2/17/2008 c18 5bluebuff
Definitely one of the most realistic and impressively researched FMP stories out there... in fact, it's probably the only fanfic with such detail. Being a former weapons otaku myself, it's easy appreciate just how insanely awesome you are as a Clancy-style writer.

Hmm too bad it hasn't been updated for over a year.. :(
7/31/2007 c18 Wileama
Wow, great story. Can't wait to see where the plot goes next!
3/17/2007 c18 4Maxwell's Daemon
This is a wonderful story, several disparate plot threads being woven into a harmnoius whole. Too bad it was abandoned.
4/13/2006 c18 vic
glad to see you back. The thought just occured to me, is souske the son of NAPA VALLEY?
3/19/2006 c18 70Sheo Darren
A thrilling start to the final battle. I saw shadows of Gundam and The Five Star Stories OVA when the Rk-81 broke out of the cave. Not to mention echoes of LotR and Rambo in the initial attack. if you were aiming for near-cinematic glory, then you did perfect.

Awesome. Truly awesome.
2/1/2006 c17 vic
pity the human body doesn't work like that, but then again, giant fighting robots don't exist either. interesting plan, i wonder how mithril will react to this...
1/12/2006 c17 Sheo Darren
The best yet. The time and effort you put into this latest chapter shows. Tensely dramatic and powerful. Sonoma is very impressive as a character, a perfect anti-hero with whom you both feel apprehension and sympathy for.

And now that things are almost at a head, who knows what will happen next?

Excellent work. Many more of this, please!
11/24/2005 c16 vic
very, very good. I keep on wondering, however, where is the young souske? after all, this is the right time period for him to show up.

NAPA VALLEY has much more depth as a character now, seeing him from multiple points of view. nice job on that. I hope to see more of Kenji's past as well.
11/8/2005 c16 Sheo Darren
Everything is drawing to a close, then. Only a little more, and it will be over.

Already I am feeling sad.

Still up to your usual level of excellence. Nothing, it seems, can take that away from you. Always impressive.

While shorter than usual, the chapter is very fast-paced and does wonders in setting what is (probably) the crux of the plot. As I've said before, and am saying so again, there's a movie-like quality to your story- the way scenarios flow and people act. Very nice.

Great work! I believe the ending is as good as- or even better!- the entirety of this adventure. Will wait for it with awe and longing.
10/29/2005 c15 Sheo Darren
Another impressive chapter in an already impressive series. The battle scenes were gritty and realistic, especially the one between Mithril and the Egyptian/Soviet Arm Slaves. But it seems such a losing battle.

Story-wise, Kalinin and Kenji finally meet. Things are certainly looking up for the future. I wonder: would Sagara have a cameo in coming chapters?

But it was the last part of your story that really struck me. About how Mithril was there since who knew when. About how they fought for all forms of peace. About how they were willing to make whatever sacrifices were necessary. And how McAllen mused that "no peace is worth killing those who'd help us. A powerful scene.

Overall, excellent. Extra points for MGS 3 mention. More, please.
10/15/2005 c14 vic
i like the way things are heating up. i can't wait to see souske emerge as a young boy though
10/5/2005 c11 6Gunso
I've almost caught up to your latest chapter. I have continued to be impressed by your writing. It continues to hold what is (to me) an amazing amount of historical accuracy without slowing the story down with too many details.

And while this chap wasn't an example of it, I also like how well you have told the story of the 'past' and 'present' in a way that they compliment each other so well.

I really enjoy your work, and I'm looking forward to reading more when I can.
10/4/2005 c2 8Riana1
Finally a story that I can sink my teeth into.
9/26/2005 c6 6Gunso
This is heck of a story! I havn't read something this interesting to me in a long time. You do an excellent job of bringing realism to the FMP world by giving it such a convincing history. I'm completely amazed by the historical detail you have applied. I look forward to reading the rest of this story.
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