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6/28/2006 c5 1DragonSword35d
This entire story, thus far, has been extremely amusing. You are indeed a great author.
6/28/2006 c4 DragonSword35d
OK, THAT was funny! Very nice! HA ha ha! Cruelty at it's best!
6/24/2006 c9 4Ginriku
five words, you are evil and amazing! Evil for the cliffy amazing for the plot and the thickness of it! I can't wait to read the next chapter! Also when is Hinata going to find out that Tenkichi is Naruto?
6/24/2006 c9 16AmberFox and Lyell
Arn't you working with Kitsunecontainer not Kyuubicontainer?

Glad you gave Kiba something to ocupy himself with besides being moody about Hinata.

What will happen when he and Rin get to the docks? Tecnically, as Kiba and Rin are both dog types, would that mean they would have to do as Yoma tells them?

What type of demon is Kokan Moeru? Animal or Elamental?

I think Hinata would of put two and two together by now. I know Kurenai, with what she knows about Naruto (The boy not the fox, even if he is him... or something...) and Kyuubi, would of realised who he was by now.

I'm guessing Rin could tell who Naruto was by his scent, right?

It was a bit confusing about people/demons talking and stuff, but I've read tougher. So don't worry about it.

I liked Naruto's little speech about age. That was cool.

When Will Hinata Tell Naruto (Tenkichi) What She Feels About Naruto (Before The Changes)? She is practacally declaring her love for him, while thinking that she's cheating on him even if they've never gone out.

I can't wait to see the bit where Hinata finds out she's been sleeping, and changing he clothes, in front of Naruto!

(Ecchi laugh and rubbing of hands) Hehehe!

I thinks that it all. Wow. What a long review... Oh yeah, before I forget (and I bet you get this a lot, but considering it's been almost a month)...


Lots of love to ya. Remember: We only torch you with flamethrowers because we care!
6/22/2006 c9 Ryncor
awesome story! i love the kiba and the wolf girl thing, that's hillarious! i look forward to the next chapter, i hope you two haven't given up on this, i'm not sure if a month is your normal update time but yeah. great story!
6/13/2006 c9 Lady dragon kitsune
I am as confused as hell any way i love your story and please update soon what will they say about the kyubi thing or could they not understand him?
6/13/2006 c1 9Aleh
Why is Naruto calling Iruka his sister?

Spellchecking is important. ;-)
6/12/2006 c9 Purple Loom
::Head in hands moaning:: Please say you're not a Kisame-basher! Itachi puts up/works well with him so that's enough evidence that he isn't as foolish as many people make him out to be! I like sharks...

Other than that, this chapter was amazing, intriuging, and has left me wanting more to read. Good job with all of it (except for making Kisame seem overboard foolish). I especially liked how Itachi's comment very much reminded me of Albel Nox from the playstation2 game StarOcean3.

6/11/2006 c9 121CrazyGirlofManyNames
o, fighting time
6/8/2006 c9 dominic
reaLLY GOOD writing!
6/5/2006 c9 MysteryLady-Tx
SWEET oh man I'm glad to have had a chance to read this...School sucks its interfereing w/my Fanfic reading time...LOL

Just a year and 1/2 to go and I'm out then YAY! no wait...then get job teaching munchkins...oh man...well at least have 3 months out of the year for FANFICS...LOL...Sorry just ranting...


6/5/2006 c9 2Kitsune6
Haha, the NaruHina stuff was great, as was Kiba and his 'friend.' Looks like it's hitting the fan here. Keep up the great work. =)
6/4/2006 c9 17Silver Warrior
oh, interesting! And I like Rin. She's great! Poor Kiba though.
6/3/2006 c6 Nyaan
[Fox, it may not have occurred to you yet. But the people I respect the most, I show the least amount of respect to. You know why? Because I can drop that DAMN smile around them. Usually I get to replace it with a less plastic one. When I’m around people like you, Tsunade-baa-Chan, and euro-sennin I don’t have to hide the hurt as much, because you three won’t take it as weakness.]

That little confession made on Naruto's part made my insides melt into goo (the good kind, if there is such a thing), because it's so true and factual that anyone with a heart (even ones as morbid as mine) can feel touched. Nothing can ruin the feeling I have over that particular paragraph! Even my strict liking for good grammar!

... I'm trying to ignore the fact that you spelt "ERO-sennin" as "EURO-sennin", as in "Sennin of EUROPE". LOL!

[It can’t hurt to help her a little. It’s not like Naruto himself is around. Gr. I’ll get him yet. That murderer WON’T get away with killing my Sasuke-kun.]

I like the new psychotic angle for Sakura. I mean, she was totally obsessed with Uchiha Sasuke before he died (this can be proven in both manga and anime), so if he died I can understand how and why she'd go insane. Poor, poor, Pinkii-kun. :'( But I must say, this is an interesting twist to the story. With the antagonist Sasuke dead (for heaven's sake, he shoved a freaking hand through our protagonist's chest, and people expect him to not be an antagonist), another antagonist that is or used to be close to Naruto would be smart. Pinkii-kun would do a lovely job. Hardly anybody'd expect a thing... :)


~Love, Nyaan-girl
6/3/2006 c5 Nyaan
[There was a short, bright flash of light, but nobody noticed.]...[With that Hyuuga Neji turned and walked back to his room.]

I hate to resign myself to such crude ways of expressing my emotions, but— ROFLMAO! xD So much for the great Hyuuga eyes, eh? They never noticed a thing. :D

I can also relate to Hinata in the situation of being too caught up in the moment to be shy. I don't find it out of character (though, I fear others who don't understand might find it so) because everyone has their moments of being brave. Also, Hiashi has notably been pushing Hinata subtly into being less timid and shy, as was shown to be so when he let Hinata keep Naruto-No-Kitsune in her room for speaking up. I understand that in result of these recent events, a shy character like Hinata would feel—sunconsciously or not—encouraged to act out more boldly. I like how you make Hinata an easy character to relate to. Well, at least I think so. Shy people would understand. I was shy when I was twelve, too.

Thank you for the chapter!

~Love, Nyaan
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