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for Redemption of the Fallen

12/12/2012 c2 ranbo neal
Cool idea here...Naruto is both the fox and himself. I wonder how powerful he will be now? Sakura is really about to go after Naruto it looks like...that should be interesting. Will Hinata be coming into the pic soon? Nice writing.
12/12/2012 c1 ranbo neal
Wow! This was a very different fight...some good twists in here. I like it and will read on to see where you go with it.
12/11/2012 c10 Chuni Luni
12/5/2012 c1 1I'm Naruto Dude
good start lol
11/20/2012 c6 Random Chick
You said before that Naruto was Jaraiya's height in human form in the hospital room but now you say he's barely an inch taller than Sasuke. By the way, what's his age and rank as Tenkichi?

Love your story! I'm just hoping for something hot between Naruto and Hinata!
11/20/2012 c1 Random Chick
It would be Iruka-nii-chan, not nee-chan because nee- refers to a girl, while nii or aniki mean older brother
5/26/2012 c10 2Beyogi
Kind of sad that this stays unfinished, but I guess it makes sense. I can understand you don't want to write the same story twice.

Thank you for writing,

3/31/2012 c11 Beyogi
Quite an interesting story, I'm sad it seems to be abandoned.

thank you for writing,

3/30/2012 c11 noname00
I really did enjoy reading this so I hope the rewitten version is already out and hopefully completed^^
12/5/2011 c8 1RisingMist
Honestly, this chapter dragged on and on with no end in sight. It was a frightful pain to read. Sorry.

Thanks for sharing.
12/5/2011 c7 RisingMist
Very nice! You need to have this edited right for it to be at its very best though.

Thanks for sharing.
12/5/2011 c6 RisingMist
Very nice! What an interesting twist. I'm going on to the next chapter now.
12/5/2011 c5 RisingMist
Cool beans! Neji has blackmail material! :)
12/5/2011 c4 RisingMist
Nice one.

Thanks for sharing.
12/5/2011 c3 RisingMist
:) I'm now super interested.

Thanks for sharing.
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