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6/10/2012 c5 The Count Luca van Andrews
I'm gonna guess and say "8". You tried to right this 8 times. I'm writing my own Lain fanfiction right now not sure if I'll post it or not. But anyways hey!
8/7/2005 c4 Valentine Meikin
Davis, You IDIOT!

Ahem, Great chapter, showing that Davis truly is a idiot, since I can tell part of what Lain was trying to do, since I recognise the colors...

Update quickly!
8/5/2005 c3 Valentine Meikin
Question for you... You have all the time in the world.

Have you noticed how similar Lain and Hikari are in how they are handled by the Wired/Digiworld, and certain traits, like a second voice speaking through them, ESP, powers to bend reality... Ahem.

Good story. Hope it's not dead.
3/19/2005 c2 5curlyalien
so youre updating :) n dont dare to stop
3/17/2005 c2 34hello heartbreak
Cool storyline! Update soon!
3/5/2005 c1 5curlyalien
nice beginning and i see an interesting plot but why arent you continuing.sniff why did Joe n Kou have to die. please continue

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