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10/25/2009 c8 ull never no
its great but keep seto on top in ur later fics n also chose another word besides manhood
8/22/2009 c12 8lloyd-forever
THAT'S SO KAWAI! *freaks out*
8/18/2009 c12 tinkletimekelly
Awe! I love pure fluff! Congrats on a complete fic. Well done!
7/3/2009 c9 36Leoanda Taylor
Yay! Another great chapter! I love Seto's attitude with Jou, it's fantastic! Things are definately coming to a turn. I can't wait for the next one!

Long time no hear by the way, I hope you and Charles are doing well. Anyways, I'll email you soon! Love you! ^_^v
10/12/2008 c8 yami kirsty
aww are you not going to finish this story? i was looking forward to seeing what was gonna happen at christmas and wow ive never read a fic with joey acting the seme with seto before
9/22/2007 c8 gamer260
Love it and please update
8/8/2006 c8 w4r7c
this story is awesome! aw i feel so sorry for yugi! lol setoXjou 4ever! please update soon coz i wanna know if yami and yugi actually do get together!
7/11/2006 c8 15Kai's kitty
Hey!I'm Sadafsa s from Yahoo360!This story of yours is so sweet!I really like it!
5/10/2006 c8 2kai-kakashi
hey i like where this is going *wink wink* hehehee

look forward to reading how it ends ^_^
5/6/2006 c5 kai-kakashi
konnichi wa *waves* it's me shannon or as you know bakura06ryou ^_^

you're story is so kawaii so far

lol i have to agree that ryou and malik are soo feminen but it's so cute *huggles them*

talk you later


1/1/2006 c8 tinkletimekelly
11/10/2005 c8 45purpleushi
please maybe update? i really like it and i want to see how it ends... if you can't update it's okay, but i really like this story!
11/9/2005 c8 1Yami-Sama3500
I LUV THIS STORY! It seems like you're not done because it says "tbc", and you havn't updated in about 8 months. Please try to finish it. Ot atleast start on a new chapter.
10/18/2005 c8 55Joey Taylor
I like this story, please continue, I wanna read the entire thing...
9/9/2005 c8 4CountryKrys
love the story...i love puppyshipping!
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