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7/21/2005 c8 2Cadaver's Kiss
Woo! Kiss here. Sorry about the whole 'I didn't review all the other chapters' thing, I just got my account today. ^^ But, wai, your story is incredibly cute. ^^ I love the fact that Yami is trying oh-so-hard to make his little tenshi happy. That, and Seto was bein' all uke-y, and then the whole thing with Joey's mom. XD Gotta love da smart kaa-sans. I can't say enough of how this fic makes me giggle. x3 Happy writing!
6/29/2005 c8 7Burnsidegirl
This story is great and I'm in full support of all of your couple choices...on and chap 7 rocked! keep going,i'd say a certain couple 4 ever but there are to many, lol.
6/9/2005 c7 4DarkShadowKitsune
Your story blows. JUST KIDDING I LOVE THIS STORY It's funny and yet fill with some yummy yaoi YAY but you got to add more couples pairings. That's the only thing it needs but other than that It's awesome
5/16/2005 c8 8Daikaio
We, Kaiba and Otogi fighting made me laugh xD

Great chapter! Please update son!
5/16/2005 c7 Daikaio


XD It was pretty good I guess, I don't tend to read limes o_o'

Ah, at least Kaiba-boy is willing to help! We XD
5/16/2005 c6 Daikaio
His real name is Atemu XD

Anyways, great chapter, nice and descriptive!
5/16/2005 c5 Daikaio
Wee, a giddy Malik XD


Good chapter! And I wanna know what the gift is *Pouts*
5/16/2005 c4 Daikaio
Poor Anzu :( (Not an Anzu basher)

But it was kinda funny. Especially when Yami was begging to send her to the Shadow Realm XD

Anyways, nice long chapter, we :D
5/16/2005 c3 Daikaio
Ryou make me laugh so much XD

Great chapter!
5/16/2005 c2 Daikaio
Nice chapter!
5/16/2005 c1 Daikaio
Aw, poor Yugi. :(

YAY! Me loves christmas fics! *Glomps*

4/26/2005 c1 Kristina
who is the author of sickness and health and death when you find out please let me know please.
4/11/2005 c8 1RikusGuardianAngel
Hey friend!I love this!It has every emotion I can think of,I really enjoy this fanfiction.Can't wait till the next chapter.It'll be great!
4/6/2005 c8 2Chishio Ame
i love it i hope you update it and i think anzu got what she deserved
3/26/2005 c8 29KittyBlue
So kawai!

Please continue quickly!

I'm hoping to see more soon!

^^ kiss!
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