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3/26/2005 c8 kotorimonnou
Oh please please please update soon!

I´m loving it!
3/23/2005 c8 36Leoanda Taylor

This was a great chappie! I love that Jou can be incontrol of Seto! And infront of everyone too! Hehehehe! Keep it up! I cannot wait for the next chappie!

Ja ne!
3/18/2005 c8 Kuramarulez
I loved it! Please update. Put more YugiXYami in it... please?
3/12/2005 c8 dizzy-otaku

Good job yaoishoujo!~^_^~

I just noticed that you write really corny stories...But thats okay 'cause all my friends are corny!I guess thats what I like about them.So anyway,on this chappy,I liked how Seto was accused of being the "uke" but I didn't like something about this chapter...but I can't tell what it was.Maybe 'cause to me they seemed OOC but than again I don't usually mind that so it must have been something else.I DID like Jou's Kaa-san(it was "kaa-san" right?) she was funny and I hope yoou can write a chapter when she talks to Jou about Seto and his being "gay".And I know you'd make it corny so it'd be cool!

I think I've wrote to much but it didn't say bye and I'll talk to you later.BYE!~^_^~
3/11/2005 c8 142The Fellow Marauder
Hiya, Atemu! ^^

I have some questions bout this, though. Ano... isn't "Jounouchi" Jou-kun's FIRST name? I mean, it seems a little weird that his first name would be Katsuya. And Honda's last name is "HirotO", not "HirotA". I hate to be so nit-picky, but I just thought I would point that out. Plus, isn't it Otogi and not Otagi?

Gomen ne! I apologize, pharaoh-chan! But I thought I would at least inquire. Do not think I am being "all-knowy" because, quite frankly, your hikari is an air-head. ^^;;

I like this chapter... although I would be happier if I was in it more. ::sniff:: Heehee. All in good time, ne? Well, please continue! Do not stop your gloriousness! ^^ Aishiteru itsudemo, pharaoh-chan! ~_~

Love always,

Your airhead hikari,


PS. I LOVED the whole thing with Jou/Seto! Heehee! Ja!
3/10/2005 c8 Shyly in the Dark
*blushes a deep shade of crimson* Um...this..this is my first signed review. First shy and quiet yay for the updateness and pretty please no sorries no worries about it being late. I just shyly hope that things get better for you.

*bites lower lip* I'm shyly afriad I don't know what to say. Shy and quiet oh but pretty please if...if you read my bio...well...I asked a friend to be doing a lot of the talking for me and ...well...she can sometimes sound *blushes purple* witchy so pretty please don't be offened *gives shy chibi eyes before running away to hide*
3/10/2005 c8 6Hikari's-dark-side-08
Hikaris-DS:(giggling like mad)he he heh heh heh..gotta love the Jou/Kaiba action with a side of Kaiba/Jou, instead of just Kaiba being the seme, he was the uke for once..I love it!

I can't wait for the big project, please update soon?
3/10/2005 c8 Fanfictionwannabe
Hi again! Sorry about your situation at work, but this chapter was well worth waiting for. I can hardly wait for the next chapter. I loved the confrontation between Jounouchi and his mom, I didn't mind the fact that it was his mom insteed of his dad. Actually it works better I think. Better stop now or this will become an e-mail instead of a review. Update soon!
3/10/2005 c8 Malik-Chan
*glomps Atemu-chan* Man Atemu-chan, that chapter was so cool, cant belive how much you wrote, i really liked this chapter, especially when Kaiba and Otogi where arguing, it was so funny, i cant wait to see how this turns out! it's such a ra damned cool story! yay! *dances* me love this story! me sugar high! crap! update as soon as you can my friend! dont wanna rush you though, and take care



p.s. that was like a mini e-mail! lol
3/10/2005 c8 5anthonygasm
I love it Please keep writing Poor Jou I feel sad for Yami that he has to deal with Seto and Otogi LOL ^^ I love it
2/21/2005 c7 Fanfictionwannabe
Hi! I love this story! You must update soon please? I can't wait... what will happen next? By the way, your lime/lemon *drool* I just hope that there will be more.
2/19/2005 c7 yaoihime
It was a really good first atempt at a lime. Soon you'll be able to write ones that are nice and long, and then you'll be able to surpass that and become a yaoi master!^_^ Seto sure was a softy in this fic.^_^ I look forward to the 8th chapter and especially the ending that we've been talking a lot about!^_^
2/11/2005 c7 6Hikari's-dark-side-08
Hikaris-DS:(playing air guitar)You know i liked this don't have to be so polite in your reviews on my chapters/stories!

Yami Muraii:Geez...good thing you're playing air instaed of real guitar! I can tell you're horrible..(gets clonked on the head by me)x_X

Hikaris-DS:(lookin innocent)Update soon, and I'll work on MM,MK k?
2/5/2005 c7 36Leoanda Taylor
HEY! I loved this chappie! And I am so glad that Jou go to be with Seto! Its so cool! Anywaz, I know that you'll keep up the amazing work!

Ja ne!
2/4/2005 c7 142The Fellow Marauder
OMG! I LOVE THIS! It is so sugoi and wonderful and marvelous and... ::happy sigh:: I love you so much! You never cease to amaze me and that alone is happiness enough! Haha.

I am just wondering one thing: why does Seto-chan get nothing outta this? I mean, it's all fine and good that Jou is in love with Kaiba and the ice king finally melts over something other than money. (I love Seto, too, don't get me wrong) but... wouldn't Kaiba want something from Katsuya? Logically? That's the only thought I had about it. But other than that, it's glorious and made me so happy. I was only disappointed that Atemu-chan was not in it for more then three-four paragraphs. And why you make Yuugi so mad at Yami-chan? Your hikari does not understand... ;_;

Demo, this is way too long. I haveta go. Ja ne! Ai-shi-te-ru!


Hikari Hitomi/Yuugi-san
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