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2/3/2005 c7 Shy
Ever so very shyly sorry to bother you...I..I just wanted to shyly say that I'm shyly glad you're not...stressed anymore and such and that this chapter was oh so very good *blushes a thousand shades of crimson* Pretty shyly please write more when you can^_^
2/2/2005 c7 dizzy-otaku
That was hot,hot,HOT!

I love you more than ever now!

*hugs yaoishoujo*

Yeah,you were right,Sto is kind of OOC.I can't really picture him saying "love" or affectionate things.But the LIME was very good.Very much like the others I've read before.I can tell you're really good at this whole fanfiction thingy.Especially good for your first try!I didn't mind the wait either.Arigatuo for this WONDERFUL chappy!YAY!
2/2/2005 c7 25Yami Yuugi
that was really good and i liked the lime, update when you have the chance
2/2/2005 c7 Yaoilover S
*bloody nose* Oh my god yaoi! *falls over chair* ahem *gets back on* good action-I mean chapter! I love the setojono moment *drool* must have more...^;;^
1/30/2005 c6 6Hikari's-dark-side-08

Poor Jou though...that was so sweet of Yami to do for him, they are the best of friends, that's for sure...(bouncing gleefully)

Muraii: Talk about too much sugar and pocky..oO

Hikaris-DS:(throwing pocky and pixi stix in the air)PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
1/26/2005 c6 dizzy-otaku
No yaoishojo,I actually like the it when they talk.^^I can see you doing no wrong!I'm sorry if I'm being weird.:sweatdrop:

And I likes how they were crying.I,for some reason unknown,like it when the anime characters (or manga) cry.I like it whenn they ALL cry!YAY!Please write more.I'm looking forward to the next chappy! ~dizzy_otaku
1/24/2005 c6 142The Fellow Marauder
Aww... Jonouchi being so sad makes me sad too. I love Jou. ;_; But, even though this chappie is sad, it's profound and had an effect on me. You will soon receive your wish and become a great yaoi author. You ARE a great author and I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your stories. Some more than once! And that may be because I love you so much... *blushes and looks away*, but it's still the truth. You are grand. You made me want to cry when Yami and Jou were crying... I can't WAIT to see what Yami-chan got his little Yuugi-san for Xmas! *gleam*

I love you SO much, Smitty-chan! No one can take that away! I am terrible hikari for taking forever to review, but please know I have read it previous and love it ALL! Gomen ne!

*lunges at her pharaoh and kisses her* Arigatou gozaimasu!




1/23/2005 c5 dizzy-otaku
Weird,Yami+jewlery=super gay.

Lol.I liked this chappy a lot.Very funny.^^
1/23/2005 c4 dizzy-otaku
Oh my gawd,Anzu said "Mommy" must really hate her.She sounds so ANNOYING!I think your "hate" of Anzu.

LOL.Ya,i(or Ryou) is right!DOESN'T SHE EVER STOP TO BREATHE?She really IS annoying!

Energizer Bunny,lol.


Who's Malik?
1/23/2005 c3 dizzy-otaku
Lol.Ryou is so kawaii!^^

And I think gays WOULD wear plaid!I like there something wrong with plaid?


The last line really got my mind in the gutter..@_@Sorry.
1/23/2005 c2 dizzy-otaku
Wow...Yaki was crying...I find that a little out of character.But if this happened in the anime(that one time I saw him cry),I'm sure it was the right way to go about it.^^

Hey,Seto&Jou are together?COOL!That seem like a good thing to put in too.If Jou weren't "that way" then I would have thought,"I thought Jou would get all freaked out or something".But then again I haven't seen the original anime.

Aw.Poor Yugi.

Man,I wrote a lot.XP
1/22/2005 c6 5anthonygasm
I love this story Please keep writing ^_^
1/20/2005 c6 36Leoanda Taylor

First off... I loved this chappie! Yes it was a bit mushy for my taste, but it was still great! And I love how Jou and Yami are such close friends! Please let Jou and Seto's relationship come through! There such a good coupling!


Leoanda Taylor
1/18/2005 c6 Yaoilover S
Aw, such a cute chapter, Sensei is so kool1 ^o^
1/18/2005 c6 Sami
Wasn't Yami called Atemu? That is what I have heard! And there are 225 eps of Yugioh? Thanks for that, now I know how many I have to buy...I still need 207 more eps...bleh, I'm spending a lot of money on this Yugioh fetish of mine!

Good fic!

Love Sami.

Oh, by the way, I knew Seto and Yami were cousins, it's common knowledge, look it up on the net!
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