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1/4/2005 c5 27dragon shadows
of cause i'll stick with you to the end, i wouldn't have it any other way

i don't think i have ever been called a valued reviewer before, so thanks because it means heaps

to this chapter

the start of it was so sad

i felt so sorry for both Yami and Yugi

but i am Very glad that Yami found the perfect gift for Yugi

i can’t wait for the next chapter

12/31/2004 c4 142The Fellow Marauder
OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS! *wants to cry* You are the best... words can not describe it! Sorry it has taken me so freakin' long to write the review! *bows* I have meant to do it earlier! But I LOVE how you dissed Anzu! *wants to glomp her pharaoh* You kinda reminded me of Joey-chan because of Ryou's attitude! YOU TOTALLY ROCK, SMITTY! *tears of excitement* I love you so much! But this is the BEST line ever:

Yami looked up at the proud albino and pleaded, “Can I PLEASE send her to the Shadow Realm! PLEASE! Just this once! It’ll be quick and I’ll only leave her there for a day or two ...maybe! Come on, Ryou! She deserves it!”

yay! Die, Anzu! *evil laugh* I will send her to the Shadow Realm! I don't have that kinda power meself being a little hikari, demo I will steal your power, pharaoh, and send her to the Shadow Realm! She DOES deserve it! Bwahahaha.

Wel... I have to go before others hurt me. ^^ Ja ne! AI-SHI-TE-RU! *kiss*


12/30/2004 c4 36Leoanda Taylor
Hey! I just have to say, nice job on the Anzu bashing! And I like that Yami and Ryou are now better friends. This is really cool! I cannot wait to read more!

Ja ne!
12/29/2004 c4 5tears of a mermaid
MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! MORE ANZU BASHING! i loved the chappie! cant wait till they met up with Malik, should be another cool chapter. well anyway great chapter great story! please update soon!
12/28/2004 c4 27dragon shadows
loved this chapter

it was great

not to the story

you know the energiser bunny!

don't know why i found that interesting

well done with the anzu bashing

i look forward to your next update

12/28/2004 c4 4Prince Toki
Good chapter Shindo-sensei! I love the anzu bashing...*has sign saying `Kill Anzu!´* Only if I helped...*sigh* hope you update soon! =(^.^)=
12/28/2004 c4 PoofBall
SQUEAL! -claps- Update soon, this has got to be one of the cutest stories every.

P.S: DIE BITHY ANZU DIE! Hope you don't get any flames for this story. If you do well, use them to roast Anzu and torture her and BURN HER! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! x3
12/28/2004 c4 Shy
*blushes ten shades of red before giggling shyly* I...I'm glad that it's not a bother to more than once. And I really shyly loved this chapter^_^I shyly can't wait for the next.
12/27/2004 c4 Yaoilover S
Oh how i pity Yami (and every other cute Yu-gi-oh guy character that ever sees her...)if there's going to be anymore Anzu bashing then I think this story should be Pg-13 for slight cursing and blood (Just kidding on the blood part!) Anyway funny chapter! keep it up! ^o^v
12/25/2004 c3 Lizzy
hey gr8 chappie once again...Ryou's very amusing in thiis state...i was almost dubled over in laughter. once again the annoying line everyone says when they like a story this much.


well...err...something along thoughs lines...or is that just me?
12/25/2004 c3 142The Fellow Marauder
I loved this, Smitty! it is so sugoi! I printed it out and read it before the busy work yesterday and it was the sweetest ever. I kept smiling and dancing around and I think Joey kept looking at me weird. Haha. This is the best, Smitty! I love you SO much! Thank you-thank you!

Aishiteru, my pharaoh!


12/24/2004 c3 Shy
Shy yes...I'm extremely shy...and also extremely sorry for bothering you...I mean..well I try not to review often so that I'm not pestering.

Shy anywhos. This story is wonderful. I can't wait to read more^_^Shy Merry Christmas to you.
12/24/2004 c3 Blackcat15200
I like the story so far! Aw, I hope Yugi doesn't stay mad at Yami and that Yami finds the perfect gift for him. Keep writing!
12/24/2004 c3 Sami
I do NOT think you are a psycho! You are a great writer that writes good stories. I'm glad there wasn't so much focus on Yugi this chapter, we need to have a break from his heart-soreness! Wait... is that a word? Oh well. Great fic.

Love Sami A.K.A, Animechik.
12/24/2004 c3 6Hikari's-dark-side-08
Me:O_o..I didn't think Ryou was so hyper...


Me;Yami no Muraii!YOU leave poor Yami alone!(now chasing yami no Muraii, chasing Yami)Please update soon, this is definitly a masterpiece!

Muraii:(now waving Demslit and narrowly missing Yami's hair)(evil laughing)

Yami:HEY! watch the hair, and my HEAD!

Me;FOR THEIR SANITY!(mine's out the door^-~)
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